Public Defender Events

Training is a key component of NLADA's mission to seek justice for all by providing high-quality, cost-efficient legal representation to low-income persons accused of crimes. An experienced and dynamic faculty, carefully selected for each program because of their professional expertise, conducts all of NLADA's trainings. Conferences offer innovations in technology and management techniques and strategies plus specific opportunities to sharpen trial, appellate, and training skills.

Defender Conferences and Training

2021 NDLI: Virtual Nuts and Bolts: Leadership Reimagined

The National Defender Leadership Institute [NDLI] is an initiative of the National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA), a non profit membership association dedicated to quality legal representation for those who cannot afford counsel. NDLI has three primary goals: 1) to provide cutting-edge management and leadership training programs for all public defense systems and leaders; 2) to build a national network of defender leaders; and 3) to support research and data collection that informs local, state, and national public policy debates. This training, networking and research to strengthen leadership will ensure that more public defense systems function efficiently and promote equal justice under the law. 

2021 Annual Conference
Nashville, Tennessee

The 2021 NLADA Annual Conference will take place November 10-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. Stay tuned for updates.