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Bringing justice from the boardroom to our communities

NLADA’s Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC) unites distinguished legal executives and others from a wide variety of industries to help low-income people in need of legal services by strengthening pro bono programs, formulating national strategies in support of funding for legal representation and supporting resource development at NLADA. The CAC is led by Chair, James L. Chosy, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel of U.S. Bancorp. To read the full announcement- click HERE. 


Corporate Advocacy to Congress in Support of Access to Justice:  On March 18, 2022- the 59th anniversary of the Gideon v. Wainwright decision-- 37 General Counsels from major corporations submitted a letter to Congress calling for the passage of the EQUAL Defense Act, which would increase federal resources for public defense across the country. To read this letter and others in support of other federal access to justice activity submitted to Congress, such as the federal appropriations for the Legal Services Corporation,  click here

Corporate America Advances UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: The Business Advancing Justice: The Goal 16 Working Group Toolkit (October 2020) spotlights corporate leadership in advancing public policy and legal reform on access to justice and provides inspiration to other private sector actors interested in similarly engaging. The toolkit is borne out of the work of the NLADA-CAC Working Group on Goal 16 and builds on the NLADA Policy Brief Access to Justice is Good for Business (July 2019). 

Hear from NLADA’s 2021 Exemplar Awards Honorees:  Learn how business is advancing access to justice and racial equity in a conversation moderated by NLADA President and CEO Jo-Ann Wallace, along with this year's Exemplar Honorees, James Chosy, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel, U.S. Bancorp, and Jack Salzwedel, Chair and CEO, American Family Insurance. Click here to listen. To learn more about our 2022 Exemplar Awards  Gala and Honorees click here

The National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA) is the United States’ oldest and largest nonprofit association devoted to excellence in the delivery of legal services to those who cannot afford counsel, whether in criminal or civil matters. For more than a century, NLADA has pioneered access to justice at the national, state, and local levels in multiple ways: helping create many of the first public defense systems in the country; supporting the establishment of the Legal Services Corporation; developing nationally applicable standards for legal representation of low-income clients; and advocating for groundbreaking legislation. NLADA serves as the collective voice for the country’s civil legal aid and public defense providers and offers high-quality advocacy, training, and technical assistance.

NLADA has collaborated with distinguished legal executives and others in the private sector from a wide variety of industries to help low-income people in need of legal services by expanding and strengthening pro bono programs, formulating national strategies in support of funding for legal representation, and supporting resource development for NLADA to lead nationally on these issues. In 1992, under the leadership of Ford Motor Company, those unofficial partnerships were formalized to launch NLADA’s Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC), which exemplifies corporate America’s dedication to the principle of equal justice under the law and advancing federal, state, and local public policy that strengthens legal assistance for low-income people. Through the leadership of its members, the CAC engages the corporate community to expand the availability of quality representation to those who cannot otherwise afford counsel.

How Do We Work?

While the CAC works collaboratively, it does not issue statements or policy positions as a unit. Instead, individual corporate members retain exclusive control over when their names are added to activities or campaigns, such as letters to Congress or other public statements. Before public statements are made, each CAC member will have the opportunity to choose whether to add their company name or not.

Current Members

For more information, please contact Aileen Moffatt, Vice President, External Relations at [email protected] or 202.452.0620 x223 or click here.

American Family Insurance
Bank of America
Coca Cola
Ford Motors
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
NLADA Insurance Program
Philip Morris International
Uber Technologies Inc.
U.S. Bancorp

Join the CAC

Joining NLADA as a CAC member provides you with a unique opportunity to strengthen your understanding of the issues and trends facing our nation’s civil legal aid and public defense systems, engage on substantive policy issues that are relevant to your company, and build lasting relationships with equal justice advocates and clients, as well as with your peers in the business community.

CAC membership extends for 12 months. Purchase your membership here or renew you membership today.

For additional information or assistance expediting your new membership or renewal, contact Aileen Moffatt, Vice President External Relations at [email protected] or 202-452-0620 x 223.