Guidance for LSC-Funded Programs

Because the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is the single largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans, its policies, regulations, and compliance activities can have a profound effect on the ability of legal aid programs to deliver high-quality services. NLADA therefore advocates with the LSC and its board, participating in the rule-making process and taking other actions to support our LSC-funded members.

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Our work includes:

  • Providing legal advice and assistance to individual and program members from Chief Counsel Robin Murphy and Vice President of Civil Programs Don Saunders
  • Attending LSC’s quarterly board meetings in person, as well those held via conference calls, and:
    • Monitoring committee and the full board meetings 
    • Updating the field on important developments and highlights of the meeting
    • Advocating for the field through public testimony at committee and board meetings
  • Participating in LSC’s rulemaking process through steps such as:
    • Monitoring all LSC rulemaking activity
    • Preparing and distributing to our members summaries and analyses of LSC’s proposed regulatory revisions
    • Organizing discussions among NLADA’s Regulations Committee and other interested  stakeholders, such as the American Bar Association, about the potential impact of proposed regulatory and policy revisions
    • Accessing skills of appropriate experts regarding proposed policy and regulatory changes
    • Drafting and submitting comments regarding LSC’s proposed regulatory and policy revisions
  • Preparing memos and guides for members on new regulations, restrictions, advisory opinions, and program letters issued by LSC
  • Monitor, provide guidance, and advocate for LSC programs monitored and investigated by the LSC’s Office of Program Performance, Office of Compliance Performance, and the Office of Inspector General
  • New: LSC Program Resources

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