APBCo Interactive Map

Access to justice is NLADA’s bread and butter issue. Our steadfast success in the movement to expand access to justice would not be possible without the support of our committed partners. For our members, pro bono counsel are essential to the effort to increase access to justice. NLADA is proud to partner with the Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCo) whose members are actively engaged in the work of NLADA’s members nationwide.

We are very pleased to announce APBCo’s interactive MAP which tracks firms and civil legal aid programs nationwide, identifying 817 APBCo member firm offices and 1,728 NLADA member civil legal aid offices. The purpose of the Map is to facilitate more communication between NLADA and APBCo members in the service of access to justice. APBCo members welcome calls and are eager to help wherever possible, especially in areas where resources are most sparse. The Map is an ongoing work and easily edited if updates need to be made. Please note that NLADA member program information is aggregated under the main office location. Take a look at the Map and let us know what you think by reaching out to Maria Soto at [email protected]

NLADA thanks Kevin Curnin, partner at Stroock and past president of APBCo, for leading this effort  in collaboration with NLADA staff.



Scan the whole map and zoom in on regions/states/cities. The markers indicating law firms and NLADA offices overlap, as there are over 2,500 designations, with many concentrated in urban areas. You can manually grab and scan the map to zoom in on a specific area, and as you do the markers will emerge individually. Clicking on any marker provides that office’s basic information.


The legend in the upper left corner of the map has two searchable groupings (“APBCo Locations” & “NLADA Locations”). You can search these by clicking on the three dots to the left of their titles and choosing “Open Table.” You can then search by firm name, city name, etc. So, for example, if you are looking for legal aid in Salt Lake City, click the dots next to “NLADA Locations,” choose “Open Table,” and search “Kansas City” and you will see contact information for three providers: Utah Legal Services, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, Disability Law Center. Similarly, if you want to know which APBCo member’ firms have offices in Tennessee, click the dots next to “APBCo Locations,” choose “Open Table,” and search “Tennessee” and you will see that three firms have eight offices in Tennessee, with the number of attorneys in each, as well as contact information.