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Building Strategic Advocacy: Culture and Practice

NLADA encourages civil legal aid providers to expand their capacity to achieve broad-based results that benefit more than individual clients. This goal aligns directly with Standard 2.6 of the ABA’s Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid, which tells us “A provider should strive to achieve both clients’ objectives and lasting results that respond to low income communities’ most compelling legal needs.” 

But achieving lasting results is often easier said than done. Legal aid providers need to develop strategic processes and a supportive culture to become more effective in serving their client communities. This interactive training will help provide you with the tools to do that. We will draw from the expertise of several civil legal aid leaders in both LSC and non-LSC programs, and utilize materials, best practices and lessons learned through NLADA’s Strategic Advocacy Initiative.

The core themes of the training will be:

  • Leadership Buy-In: Why it matters to have your executive director, board, and top program leadership supporting strategic advocacy, and how to secure that support.

  • Program Wide Buy-In: Strategic advocacy flows up from the day-to-day casework of capable staff attorneys. Learn how to include everyone in the process of developing and implementing strategic goals.

  • SWOT analysis of your program, through the lens of strategic advocacy.

  • Building frameworks for managing and sustaining strategic advocacy.

This one-day pre-conference is designed for program and advocacy leaders across the experience spectrum. It will be especially beneficial for newer advocacy leaders, or individuals building strategic advocacy into existing programs. It will also be an opportunity to share your experiences and troubleshoot problems with peers in similar situations.

This preconference training costs $100 for NLADA members and $125 for non-members.
*includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee

Emerging Leaders: A Path to Leadership in Legal Services

Legal services programs across the country will need senior leadership. More than 68 percent of LSC litigation directors have been in legal services for 30 years or more, and numerous executive directors/CEOs are retiring. What does it take to become a senior leader in your legal services program? Explore the path to leadership with experienced legal services executive directors and senior leaders to learn the skills you’ll need for these leadership roles. Not sure you want to take a senior leadership role? Join the conversation to learn more about why legal services needs all kinds of leadership.

This pre-conference is led by executive directors and leaders in the field. The curriculum will cover the critical skills you’ll need to be a senior leader, how to create your own opportunities to build your leadership skills in your program, how to maintain balance and how to maintain connections and support. This program is designed to stimulate the creation of ongoing mentoring and support circles aimed to generate a network of emerging leaders and mentors throughout the country.

*This program is limited to 20 participants. Register early as presenters will be working to craft the exact curriculum of this program with feedback from participants.

Who should attend:

Staff attorneys, managing attorneys, deputy directors, anyone interested in senior leadership positions.


This preconference training costs $100 for NLADA members, and $125 for non-members.

*includes continental breakfast and lunch

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