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*Note: Topics listed below for the Litigation and Advocacy Leaders Conference are subject to change based on the discretion of the planning committee. 


  • Building Strategic Advocacy: Culture and Practice

  • Emerging Leaders Workshop


Broad-Based Advocacy and Substantive Law

  • Access to Health Care

  • Administrative Review

  • Advocacy Around the Opioid Epidemic

  • Auto Finance Loans

  • Criminalization of Poverty

  • Economic Justice in the Courts

  • Elder Justice

  • Expungement/Reentry

  • Immigration Issues

  • Immigration and Access to Health Care

  • Issues in Big Data and Civil Legal Aid

  • Issues in Safety Net Programs

  • Public Charge: The Impact of Recent and Proposed Changes

  • Sexual Harassment in Public Housing

  • Using Section 1983 and State Constitutions to Defend Entitlements

  • Using VAWA to Preserve Housing 

  • Utilizing the ADA to Defend Access to Public Benefits and Safety Net Programs

  • Welfare Modernization

Coordination of Efforts, Community Lawyering and Communications Strategies

  • Advocating for a Right to Counsel in Housing

  • Communicating to Overcome Racial Stratification

  • Community Benefits Agreements

  • Community Lawyering Campaigns

  • Community Lawyering to Combat the School-to-Prison Pipeline

  • State, Local, National Coordination #1: Identifying Issues That are Important: Highlighting and Learning From Past Work

  • State, Local, National Coordination  #2: Faciliating Relationships: State of Funding for Coalitions/Coordination

  • Strategies Around Disparate Impact Doctrine

  • Utilizing Communications Beyond Print Media/Nontraditional Communications

  • Working With Unusual Partners/Collaborating With the Right

Leading and Managing Advocacy

  • Educating Policymakers and the Public: What is Permitted?

  • Ethics #1 - Group Representation, Social Media

  • Managing for Impact

  • Managing With IT

  • Strategic Advocacy Part 1: Building a Culture of Impact Work

  • Strategic Advocacy Part 2: Finding Space for Impact Advocacy

Litigation Skills and Technology to Support Advocacy

  • Attorney's Fees

  • Consent Decrees: Seeking and Enforcing

  • Discovery

  • Ethics #2 - Technology; Privacy and Other Issues With Electronic Data

  • Strategic Advocacy Part 3: Anatomy of an Impact Case

  • Utilizing Expert Witnesses/Testimony


The conference will feature two plenaries addressing critical issues in strategic advocacy. Topics include:

  • Advancing Racial Justice: How civil justice advocates can integrate effective strategies for combatting racial inequality across all areas of their work.

  • Shifting Policies and Trends: How advocates can work together to address the overwhelming number of proposed (or enacted) changes in regulations/legislation on programs affecting low-income communities.


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