Defender Program and Chief Memberships

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NLADA’S Defender Program Members are agencies and organizations whose primary purpose is to offer criminal defense services to individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford counsel. 

Members include public defender agencies, organizations, assigned counsel and contracted law offices. Membership fees are calculated based on your organization’s overall budget to keep our dues affordable for everyone.

Defender Program Memberships: Membership benefits are extended to all program employees (Dues Minimum: $220; Maximum: $4,375)

Chief Defender Memberships: Membership benefits are extended only to the program’s Chief Defender plus two additional deputies  (Dues Minimum: $110; Maximum: $1,075)

Memberships include free enrollment in the American Council of Chief Defenders ($125 per person value), an exclusive Member Section created to facilitate knowledge-sharing among Chief Defenders and deputies.



Why Join? Employees of your organization will benefit from all of NLADA’s offerings, including conference and training discounts, the ability to join Member Sections, and access to technical assistance and up-to-date information about the field. Most importantly, your membership strengthens our voice in advocating for increased funding and regulation reform to improve your work.

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