Associate Program Membership

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NLADA’S Associate Program Members are any program or organization that offers affordable or pro bono legal services as part of a larger mission to serve low-income individuals or a specific community.

Members include pro bono and lawyer referral programs, bar associations, IOLTA programs, ACLU programs, student legal services programs, and specialized advocacy or support organizations such as domestic violence programs, homeless shelters and civil rights organizations.


Membership fees are calculated based on your program’s overall budget to keep our dues affordable for everyone. (Minimum: $150; Maximum: $3,300)


Why Join? Employees of your organization will benefit from all of NLADA’s offerings, including conference and training discounts, the ability to join Member Sections, access to technical assistance, and up-to-date information about the field. Most importantly, your membership strengthens our voice in advocating for increased funding and regulation reform to improve your work.

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