2019 Holistic Defense & Leadership Conferences: Featured Speakers

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Featured Speakers

The Holistic Defense & Leadership Conferences offer a week-long learning opportunity for public defenders. The four events: (1) Mitigation Certificate Training; (2) NASAMS Conference; (3) COD Network Conference and (4) Black Public Defender Association Conference will explore issues concerning holistic defense practice, social work and mitigation practice and diversity and inclusion. Below are some of the many seasoned practitioners who will be participating in this year's conference:

Tyra Patterson 

Tyra Patterson joined the Ohio Justice & Policy Center team as a paralegal in January 2018. After several months of successful outreach on OJPC’s behalf, Tyra’s role adapted to better describe her gifts and passion: she became OJPC’s first community outreach strategy specialist.

Tyra spent 23 years incarcerated for murder and robbery, crimes she did not commit. She used her time in prison constructively to educate herself. A sixth grade dropout, Tyra eventually earn her GED, obtained a steam engineer’s license, became a certified tutor and completed a paralegal training program.

On Christmas Day, 2017, Tyra was released from prison. She joined the OJPC staff full-time only weeks later. In her role, Tyra advocates on behalf of OJPC and does outreach work to educate children about the importance of staying in school and avoiding drug use. Tyra also hopes to create a program to provide support to people returning to the community after incarceration.

Patterson will deliver the keynote address at the Community Oriented Defender (COD) Network Conference.

Darryl Charles Green

Darryl Charles Green is the president and principal consultant of Deep Forgiveness. As an advocate for the restoration of families, economic empowerment for the dis-enfranchised, staunch proponent for libertarian reconciliation and forgiveness, Green has been pegged by industry professionals as an innovative change agent on mental health, healing, social welfare and social justice.

Inspired by the gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, Green has served as program manager for a 60-bed facility for men transitioning from homelessness, disenfranchisement, incarceration and substance abuse under the auspices of Catholic Charities Baltimore, Maryland. Green’s groundwork also included that of male service facilitator for Casey Family Services, the direct service agency of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. He was also the lead consultant for Operation Safe Streets Southwest, an initiative by Mayor Rawlings Blake to combat shootings and murders in Baltimore.

His groundwork also included that of a program coordinator for Project Raise, a nationally acclaimed mentoring program designed to improve the life chances and life options of inner-city public schools students. Additionally, Green has worked for the Baltimore Urban League as a workshop leader, teaching Life Skills courses to the welfare to work population; not to mention collaborations with Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health, where he taught at risk males how to make healthy and positive life decisions.

Green will deliver the keynote address at the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists (NASAMS) Conference


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