NASAMS Membership Benefits

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Benefits of Membership

The National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Mitigation Specialists (NASAMS) is a section of NLADA dedicated to the promotion of fair, humane and equitable sentencing and confinement decisions for all people in America. NASAMS is designed to advance the field of sentencing advocacy by fostering the professional development of its members and upholding the ethical standards of practice of the organization.

Since 1991, NASAMS has offered its members a wide range of benefits in the areas of both practice and policy. NASAMS membership benefits are focused on advancing the field of sentencing advocacy and assisting members of the sentencing advocacy community in being more innovative, effective, and productive in their professional lives.

Networking with Colleagues

As a member of NASAMS, you will belong to a professional community with a national network of colleagues. Through NASAMS's Members-Only Listserv and a regularly updated website, you will have will have notice of new articles and publications, and responses to inquiries on sentencing strategies, experts, and research.

Training and Professional Development

As a NASAMS member, you will also have access to NASAMS training and professional development opportunities at discounted rates. NASAMS has hosted a conference annually for sentencing advocates, mitigation specialists and other criminal justice professionals. NASAMS has also sponsored an annual Death Penalty Mitigation Institute to meet the unique needs of advocates who work on capital cases since 1999. The section also offers other periodic training events and a series of interactive Skills-Building Workshops for both sentencing advocates and defense lawyers.

Publications and Resources

NASAMS has published resources for the advancement of the field (e.g., Code of Ethics and Professional Standards). NASA posts notices for job openings, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities that will be of interest to NASAMS members and for positions in their organizations.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Through the section's association with NLADA, membership provides a voice in our nation’s capital advocating on behalf of the equal justice community.