Systems Development and Reform Committee

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American Council of Chief Defenders — SDR Committee

The Systems Development & Reform (SDR) Committee's objective is to secure the NLADA vision of consistently well-funded indigent defense systems that deliver high-quality representation by supporting the development and reform of public defense systems. Committee activities include but are not limited to:

  1. supporting indigent defense reform,
  2. identifying and assisting emerging systems, and
  3. supporting NLADA’s technical assistance projects.

Chair: Leslie Lee
Active members: Jim Bethke, Robert Boruchowitz, Keir Bradford-Grey, Avis Buchanan, Nancy Cozine, Jean Faria, Larry Landis, Tina Luongo, Justine Olderman, Jonathan Sacks, Wesley Shackleford

See bios of the committee members.

IT-Research Subcommittee

The IT-Research Subcommittee consists of indigent defense researchers and IT managers who provide expertise and guidance to the committee. The purpose of this subcommittee is to help defender leaders build capacity for conducting research and collecting/analyzing data.

Lead: Meg Ledyard
Active members: Dottie Carmichael, Mark Erwin, Andrew Davies, Jonah Siegel, Erik Stilling, Cecily Warren

Key Initiatives

  • Provide support to jurisdictions involved in indigent defense reform. Each member will identify one key issue that is affecting their respective jurisdictions. After reviewing this list of issues, the committee will select areas for which they will pursue further actions, i.e., research, outreach, and advocacy.
  • Identify and support emerging systems. Each member will recruit at least one member for the committee by the end of 2015. Members will also identify key issues in at least one or two other jurisdictions.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding resources for technical assistance.