Strategic Advocacy Initiative (formerly the Strategic Advocacy for Lasting Results Initiative): Testimonials

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Here's what people are saying about the Strategic Advocacy Initiative (formerly the Strategic Advocacy for Lasting Results Initiative:

"My experience on the team energized me and has helped me look at GLSP’s advocacy needs and strategies. I enjoyed working with committed and experienced advocates on the team and with the LANWT attorneys to explore issues facing LANWT’s clients and communities. I brought back some new or refined ideas, tools and strategies from the SALR trip. I recommend participating on a SALR team."

Lisa Krisher, Georgia Legal Services Program


"The critical thinking exercises and deep dive into CGLA’s Housing program by SALR has proven to be an important piece of our current strategic planning efforts. The advice was unbiased and informative in away that is impossible to get internally. It forced us to look at our organization in an honest fashion to determine if we were ready to embark on the projects we discussed.

"The team provided recommendations not only as they related to the primary program focus but also as they were relevant to overall operations of the organization. Their point of view was valuable and we have already implemented some of these recommendations at CGLA."

Gretchen Slusser, Cabrini Green Legal Aid


"I thought the SALR process was very useful both for the inquiring organization and for the visiting team, of which I was a member. The organization, Cabrini Green Legal Aid, was very interested in boosting their impact, and it got some great, highly contextualized advice on how to make that happen. I think their strategic planning has been greatly improved as a result. As a member of the team, it was a great chance to meet and learn from other practitioners, several of whom I had never met, and brainstorm with them about the best advice we could give."

John Bouman, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law


"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the SALR trip to Legal Aid of North West Texas (LANWT). I was able to assist the LANWT advocates with creating a strategic advocacy plan specifically tailored to that program's needs. I was able to contribute in a meaningful way and I gained fresh ideas to incorporate into my approach to advocacy. I highly recommend participating on a SALR team."

Takeisha R Redd, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc., Winston‐Salem Office


"Serving on an SALR team was a great experience. I learned a lot from my team members, and from the legal aid program that we visited. I brought back new ideas about strategic advocacy that have now been implemented in my program."

 Amy Hall, Montana Legal Services Association