Mitigation Investigation Specialist

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250 E. Broad St. Suite 1400
Columbus, OH 43215
United States
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Ohio Public Defender
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250 E. Broad St. Suite 1400
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Position Description: 

You will conduct and/or lead mitigation investigation through psycho-social field investigation in the trial, post-conviction, federal habeas and clemency phase of capital cases, and conduct mitigation investigation for non-capital cases, juvenile de facto life sentences, and juvenile transfer cases. You will also conduct fact investigations on trial and post-trial litigation, and conduct and/or act as lead on complex and specialized criminal investigations on felony, capital and juvenile cases at the trial, post-conviction, and federal levels as well as at clemency. And, you will synthesize information gathered in investigations and recommend how to develop and present themes and theories to courts.

A successful candidate will have passion for working with a large team and assisting our diverse clientele who are facing the challenges of poverty and other challenges beyond socio-economic factors. A successful candidate will also be detail oriented, a meticulous recordkeeper, and have strong interpersonal skills. The preferred candidate will have experience conducting both bio-psychosocial history and fact investigations, and have knowledge on topics related to forensics, fact investigation and mitigation. The Mitigation Investigation Specialist position plays a key role in providing quality client-centered investigation services as a member of the Mitigation and Investigation Department. The mission of the Department is to provide a thorough investigation in an ethical and honest manner, in order to ensure quality representation of indigent clients. You will join a team of eleven investigators and work both independently and with a team, regularly interacting with other department members, attorneys, core support staff, and with clients, witnesses, and experts.

The position does require in-office time: one day a week is spent in the office and potentially other days as required to meet business needs. At initial onboarding, more days in-the-office will be required. The position also requires you to regularly travel throughout the state of Ohio, and occasionally requires you to travel outside the state. Weekly car travel averages two days a week, but is variable and can be more depending on need. In the position you must be able to provide your own transportation. The agency does maintain fleet vehicles for you to reserve; use of a fleet vehicle requires evidence of valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance coverage.

Essential duties performed by the position include but are not limited to:
• Locate, contact, and interview witnesses, other suspects, family members, employers, medical or psychological service providers, and others to obtain information pertaining to the case
• Conduct lengthy interviews with clients, client’s immediate and extended family members, spouses/partners, friends, and education, medical, mental health, legal and agency personnel who encountered the client and their family
• Gather and analyze records (including but not limited to school, medical, mental health, employer, legal, military, and social services documentation) in order to provide detailed medical, psychological, sociological, cultural or other insights into the client’s psycho-social history
• Obtain and analyzes other anecdotal and documentary evidence relevant to the client’s history and their environmental and cultural background
• Investigate the facts and circumstances of the alleged offense(s), gather documentation to support the testimony of expert and lay witnesses, and obtain and notarize affidavits and gather and organize physical documentary evidence
• Travel throughout Ohio and outside the state as necessary to locate, interview, and investigate witnesses, evidence, materials, and records; Identify, locate, contact and interview suspects, claimants, former employers and coworkers, attorneys, witnesses, federal, state and municipal agencies; assist with transporting witnesses
• Prepare complex reports of interviews and findings and prepare detailed timelines for use in trial and appellate level case preparations and presentations
• Identify the need for experts and assist in locating and working with defense experts
• Assist in the preparation and presentations for trials and hearings and also conduct interviews with clients for death row client clemency hearings.
• Consult with internal and external attorneys and experts to develop trial and appellate sentencing phase themes and theories of the case; assist with preparing witnesses or clients for testimony
• Lead brainstorming and strategizing discussions to develop mitigation presentation of defense
• Participate in the mentoring and training of new team members, and assist in providing educational experiences for volunteer students


Completion of undergraduate core program in behavioral sciences (e.g., social work, sociology, criminal justice, psychology); 6 mos. exp. in criminal investigations.
-Or 30 mos. exp. conducting mitigation or criminal fact investigations.
-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualification For Employment noted above.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Salary range: 
$56,222 - $82,326
Submission deadline: 
Sunday, March 26, 2023