NLADA Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Nomination

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Release Date: 
Thursday, October 15, 2020

Public Statement

NLADA Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Nomination

Prioritizing the confirmation of a Justice to the Supreme Court, which next term will hear cases affecting the fundamental rights and basic human needs of people who are today experiencing multiple intersecting and expanding crises, not only delays Congress in providing much-needed immediate relief to millions of Americans but also makes it difficult to be certain that the next Justice will reliably rule to protect the civil and political rights of all Americans.

The next justice will decide whether people who get sick can visit a doctor in the midst of a global pandemic. They will adjudicate employment protection at a time of historic joblessness and renter’s rights when millions of families are facing eviction. They will define the parameters of a fair trial, just as Americans are uniting in the belief that our justice systems are stacked against regular people and particularly people of color. And they will determine how and even whether American citizens can exercise their democratic voice while states establish ever more barriers to voting.

We urge Congress to shift its focus back towards supporting Americans affected by unemployment, homelessness, and coronavirus disease itself, and to addressing the centuries-old systemic discrimination against Black people and other people of color brought into clear focus this year. Subsequently, a nominee with a demonstrated and flawless commitment to constitutional rights and the rule of law should be confirmed to the Supreme Court.


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