Getting to Know You - part 2

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Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Carly, our VISTA member in Guam, recently sat down for an interview with Deondra, our VISTA member in Oklahoma. Read on to learn more about serving in Guam.

Deondra: When you are not working what do you do for fun while in Guam?

Carly: When I was working in DC, it was really a grind. I was stressed out of my mind. So, when I decided to take the leap and move to Guam two years ago, I committed to pursuing new activities that would make me happy outside of work. I got my open water dive certification and then my advanced certification and started diving in the Philippines, on Guam and in the surrounding islands. I joined a trail running group and run/hike/walk a three to five mile trail every Saturday. I have also made time to give back to the community. I volunteer for a non-profit that supports the growth of local, sustainable agriculture (a big problem here since the US starting shipping most of the food in from the mainland) and I established a “trash trail” run once a month with my running group to clean up dumped trash (also a huge problem, as disposal is expensive and incomes are generally low).

D: Would you consider staying in Guam after your service has ended?

C: My partner, Davin, and I were just talking about that! Guam is a truly special place and it will always be in my heart but it is limiting in some ways. The physical isolation doesn’t tend to be a big deal – there are always opportunities to fly off island and explore somewhere new. However, my work experiences have made me itch for the city again. Many of the folks I work with in the Government of Guam are dedicated and talented but there seems to be limited resources to pursue projects outside of core functions.

D: What’s one thing you can say you really love about living in Guam?

C: Actually, two things come to mind – the people and the sunsets. The community here is so welcoming and I have met with some incredibly kind people that I’ll be influenced by for the rest of my life. They have taught me that life is so much more than your job title or status. As for the sunsets, well, they are just incredible every night. You have to see them to believe them.

D: Can you tell me about some of the adventures you have experienced while being there?

I travel as much as I possibly can afford – so far I’ve been to the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (several times) and Japan (several times). Davin and I are going to Taiwan for Christmas and New Years and hopefully Korea next summer. We are so blessed.