Advancing Cross-System Partnerships Leadership Lab

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NACo invites counties to apply for the Advancing Cross-System Partnerships Leadership Lab (“Leadership Lab”) and develop a strategy for implementing policies and practices that will transform how county justice, health and human services systems use and maximize data to identify and evaluate how they collectively serve individuals. The goal of this cross-system collaboration is to improve the social, health and economic circumstances and outcomes of justice-involved populations.

For a 15-month period, beginning in June 2018, the Leadership Lab will bring up to four counties together to form a cohort that is focused on and committed to advancing the design and implementation of data- and outcome-centered processes that support system-wide decision making across justice, health and human services systems. Each county will form a multidisciplinary team to support its work to institutionalize data-driven policies and practices that cut across county systems and services.

Counties selected to participate in the Leadership Lab will be expected to demonstrate progress in making connections between their health, human services and justice systems and using and analyzing data to create and/or expand opportunities that improve the well-being, self-sufficiency, stability and health outcomes (e.g., educational attainment, housing, food security, workforce participation and income, treatment engagement, utilization of primary care and preventative care services, family reunification, etc.) for a subset of the justice-involved population by appropriately and effectively directing services and supports.

Funding Source: 
National Association of Counties
Eligible Grantees: 

Before applying, counties must form or have the strong foundation for a multidisciplinary team or working group.

The team must have one county commissioner/supervisor as well as a senior-level representative from each of the justice, health and human services systems. Teams should select up to four additional members from agencies or organizations needed to meet the expectations of the Leadership Lab, such as:

  • County jail
  • Community corrections
  • Pretrial services
  • Treatment provider
  • Case management provider
  • Homeless services
  • Food assistance
  • Public assistance
  • Child welfare
  • Family services
  • Workforce development
  • Education
  • Information technology
  • Veterans’ services
  • Community action agency

Each team member must commit to staying engaged and designating a representative if he/she is unable to participate in project activities.