Smart on Juvenile Justice: Systemwide Reform and Reinvestment Initiative

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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention  is seeking applications for funding under the fiscal year (FY) 2017 Smart on Juvenile Justice: Systemwide Reform and Reinvestment Initiative.

The overarching goals of the Smart on Juvenile Justice Initiatives are as follows:

  1. Identify drivers of secure confinement/out-of-home placement and costs.
  2. Prevent unnecessary confinement/out-of-home placement and reduce reoffending while improving youth outcomes.
  3. Ensure equitable treatment of all justice-involved youth.
  4. Improve allocation of resources to yield more cost-beneficial impacts on public safety. 

For applicants who are currently engaged in juvenile justice system reform activities (i.e., community supervision, juvenile defense systems), the program narrative should discuss how the state’s current reform activities will be coordinated with proposed activities under this solicitation.

Funding Source: 
Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention
Eligible Grantees: 

This initiative is composed of two categories. Eligibility differs by category.

Category 1: Systemwide Juvenile Justice Reform Planning Grants. Eligible applicants are limited to states (including territories and the District of Columbia). Award recipients of the FY 2016 Smart on Juvenile Justice Category 1: Systemwide Juvenile Justice Reform Planning Grants are not eligible to apply. Applicants must submit letters of support, on agency letterhead, from key stakeholders and task force members who will participate in the planning and strategizing, demonstrating a commitment to participate in and support the reform planning process.

Category 2: Systemwide Reform Implementation Training and Technical Assistance. Eligible applicants are limited to nonprofit organizations 1 and for-profit organizations (including tribal nonprofit and for-profit organizations) and institutions of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education). For-profit organizations (as well as other recipients) must forgo any profit or management fee.