Summary of Coverages

The NLADA Insurance Program offers a wide array of coverages designed to address the special needs of legal services organizations, public defender agencies, law school clinics, pro bono programs, public interest organizations, contract defenders, assigned counsel, lawyer referral services, and others committed to ensuring the availability of high quality legal services for the poor and underprivileged.

Highlights of the Lawyers Professional Liability Policy (Basic Coverage)

  • broad definition of "Insured" includes "any person who was, is or hereafter during the policy period becomes a lawyer, employee, member or volunteer of the Named Insured while rendering Professional Services for or on behalf of clients of the Named Insured.
  • The broad definition of "Professional Services" extends coverage to include "services adjunct to legal services" thereby reflecting an understanding of and an appreciation for the diversity of services provided by policyholders.
  • The full amount of the professional liability limit is extended to personal injury claims.
  • Retroactive Dates (if any), which appear on a prior policy, are matched.
  • The policy wording contains the insurer's commitment to respect the preference of the policyholder in the selection of defense counsel. To date, policyholders' preference has been accommodated each time a preference has been expressed. Even more importantly, staff of NLADA Service Corporation will assist in the event of any claim-related dispute arise.
  • The policy provides coverage for defense costs resulting from a range of proceedings, specifically, " any grievance proceeding, judicial proceeding, disciplinary proceeding or administrative proceeding" with a claims expense limitation of $50,000.
  • The policy provides coverage for damages and claims expenses...caused "by any Act of the Insured, or any other person for whose Acts the Insured is legally responsible, and arising out of the rendering of or failure to render Professional Services by or on behalf of the Insured for clients of the Named Insured."

These Optional Endorsements to the Lawyers Professional Liability Policy are available:

Management Liability Errors & Omissions Endorsement

The Management Liability Errors & Omissions Endorsement protects the staff, volunteers and members of an organization in the performance of management duties or responsibilities. A separate limit of liability is provided for this endorsement.

Employment Practices Coverage Endorsement

The Employment Practices Coverage Endorsement, written as an endorsement to the Management Liability Errors & Omissions Endorsement, affords coverage for claims alleging wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to hire or promote, or other similar employment matters. This coverage is subject to a sublimit of the Management Liability Errors & Omissions Endorsement.

Punitive Damages Endorsement

The Punitive Damages Endorsement extends coverage to claims for punitive or exemplary damages, where allowed by state law, with a sublimit of $50,000.

Criminal Defense Endorsement

The Criminal Defense Endorsement provides coverage for the defense of criminal proceedings brought against an insured with a sublimit of $50,000.

Outside Practice of Law Endorsement

The Outside Practice of Law Endorsement extends the professional liability policy to the delivery of pro bono legal assistance by insured under the basic policy with no sublimit.

Primary Pro Bono Endorsement

The Primary Pro Bono Endorsement provides primary coverage for legal services provided by participant s in specified pro bono, judicare and other special programs sponsored by policyholders.

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