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NLADA Insurance Program Strengthens Its Commitment to
Provide Professional Liability Insurance to the Legal Services Community

Offering Product Enhancements and Premium Relief

For other questions, email Vice President Kevin Horsted or call 800-725-4513. The Insurance Program fax number is 202-452-9879.

I buy my insurance through a broker. What do I need to do to renew with the NLADA Insurance Program or apply if I’m not currently insured with the NLADA Insurance Program?

If you use a broker, please let them know that we will compete vigorously for your business. 

Who is the underwriter for the NLADA Insurance Program?

The Hanover Insurance Group (“The Hanover”) as the underwriter for The NLADA Insurance Program. The Hanover is an excellent carrier that is financially stable with assets in the billions, and a financial rating of “A” or “Excellent.” CNA will continue as the underwriter for the full policy period where there is an inception date of December 31, 2010 or earlier but will no longer be authorized to underwrite any NLADA Insurance Program policies with a later inception date.

Who is the NLADA Insurance Program's broker?

Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc., the fifth largest insurance brokerage firm in the world, whose presence in the program assures NLADA Insurance Program policyholders’ interests are always effectively represented in the commercial insurance marketplace.

What premium relief and product enhancements is the NLADA Insurance Program offering in this scarce resource environment?

We’re processing renewals and new applications four months out from policy expiration dates, offering these enhancements:

  1. Premium Relief Immediately
    • We’re aggressively advocating The Hanover to meet or beat competitive bids, where financially sound underwriting permits.
  2. Ease of Application: Beginning January 2012.
    • You’ll be able to apply for your policy online--your application, quoting, binding and policy issuance electronically processed. 
  3. Risk Management Training and Materials to Reduce Risks and Premiums and Improve Coverage-- Tailored to the Specialized Needs of the Equal Justice Community: Beginning December 2011
    • No cost online access to NLADA Insurance Program Risk Management Resource Center that includes: online risk management materials --customizable management policy guidelines and forms for particular program needs, local impact requirements and professional liability.

Why should I buy professional liability insurance from the NLADA Insurance Program?

The NLADA Insurance Program – Treats you as an Investor. Serves as Your Insurance Advocate.

The NLADA Insurance Program:

  • Keep market prices competitive and stable. Since our entrance in the market the average insurance costs per attorney have been cut in half.
  • Provide top quality products and insurance advocacy: Our knowledge, experience and dedication to the equal justice community is unparalleled in this insurance market.
  • Support important NLADA and Equal Justice Community Initiatives: Our net proceeds are re-invested in the equal justice community. In these challenging economic times, NLADA is working harder than ever to support you in providing quality legal representation to people who can’t afford counsel.

What is the NLADA Insurance Program?

The NLADA Insurance Program, formed in 1994, serves as the advocate and provider of quality professional liability insurance products for the full spectrum of the National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA) membership community— including individual attorneys, legal aid organizations, public defenders, corporate pro bono law programs, law school clinics, individual clients and public interest groups. Today, 1,100 NLADA members nationwide purchase an array of quality professional liability insurance products from the NLADA Insurance Program.

The NLADA Insurance Program offers superlative coverage by the Hanover Insurance Group, an established domestic insurer with financial ratings of “A” or Excellent. Wells Fargo Insurance Services, USA, Inc. serves as our broker. The NLADA Insurance Program’s knowledge, experience and dedication to the equal justice community is unparalleled in the insurance market; we advocate for competitive pricing and product excellence on behalf of your specialized insurance needs.

We treat our policyholders as investors; reinvesting our net proceeds back into the Equal Justice community in the form of training and support of NLADA national and community initiatives. We’re committed to expanding to meet your changing needs, ensuring you receive the best coverage, price and service available, today and in the future. Since our entrance in the market the average insurance costs per attorney have been cut in half. The NLADA Insurance Program is a nonprofit subsidiary of NLADA.