Applying for/Renewing Coverage

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The NLADA Insurance Program works closely with both current and potential customers to find the right coverage and make the renewal or application process easy to navigate.

Whatever your situation, start at, where you’ll have access to the NLADA Account Management System, or “NAMS.”

For current customers wanting to renew:  

  1. On the landing page at, fill in the email address and password of the authorized user for NAMS. 
  2. Follow the instructions for completing the renewal application.

If you have forgotten your password or want to change the authorized user for NAMS, email Administrative Coordinator David Kessler or call him at 202-452-9870, ext. 241.

For prospective new customers or returning customers: 

  1. On the landing page at, use the link to register.
  2. You’ll receive an email confirming your registration.  Click on the link in that message and complete the registration process. 

If you have questions, email Administrative Coordinator David Kessler or call him at 202-452-9870, ext. 241.