Fighting for the AccUSed

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Our defenders operate within a mosaic of regions, practice settings, and political landscapes, but they share a common purpose – they all are fighting to ensure that governments at the federal, state, tribal, and local levels do right by people. They are defenders of the fair trial rights promised in the Sixth Amendment.


The FIGHT for US:

Public defenders are integral parts of the communities they serve. Their clients are their neighbors, family members, colleagues, and friends. They firmly believe that no one should face the might of the government or the courtroom without a strong advocate by their side.


Fighting for the accUSed: A Universal Message

Our theme, "Fighting for the accUSed," encapsulates the essence of the defender's everyday fight for clients and communities. Anyone could need the services of a public defender, and it is important that we all understand that we’re in this together.







"Fighting for the accUSed" is a part of our collective effort to ensure equal justice for everyone regardless of their ability to afford legal representation.

We must ensure that Congress passes the EQUAL Defense Act and urges the Administration to support other federal efforts to fund public defense. The campaign will seek to change public understanding about who public defenders are and what their role in society is. Until now, the narrative about public defense has been told from the perspectives of those who do not align with the values of public defense. This has led to a one-sided view of public defenders and their work. We hope that taking control of our own stories and narratives can help shape public opinion about public defense. 

This overarching campaign empowers defenders to communicate effectively with the public on a variety of fronts:

  • Advocacy for More Funding: We fight for the resources necessary to ensure justice for all.
  • Recruitment of Young Attorneys: We inspire the next generation of lawyers to be agents of change in the fight for justice.
  • Balanced Media Coverage: We advocate for unbiased reporting on public defense-related issues.
  • Educating the Community: We enlighten our communities about the indispensable role of public defense in safeguarding their rights. 


Join us in this vital campaign. Together, we can build a more equitable society for all.


This campaign is supported by: