Standards and Evaluation Design for Appellate Defender Offices (1980)

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I.     Criteria For Assuring The Quality Of Legal Representation.

A.  Selection of the Chief Defender in "Stand Alone" Appellate Defender Offices

B.  Selection of the Chief Appellate Defender in a mixed Trial/Appellate Office

C.  Selection of Legal Staff

D.  Scope of Representation

E.  Timing of Post‑Conviction Representation

F.  Caseload

G.  Staffing

H.  Case Weighting and Staffing Ratios

I.   Client Contact

J.   Contact With Trial Counsel

K.  Training

L.   Brief Preparation

M.  Oral Argument

N.  Discretionary Review

O.  Procedure for Anders Cases

II.    Criteria For Assuring The Efficiency Of The Legal Representation

A.  Regular Office Procedures

B.  Management Information Systems

C.  Assignment, Management, Supervision and Case Flow

D.  Internal Structure of the Appellate Defender Office

E.  Procedures for Handling Conflict of Interest Cases

F.  Eligibility for Services

G.  Facilities

H. Brief Prepaeration

I.  Feedback