Featured Events

2021 Appellate Defender Virtual Training Virtual

The Appellate Defender Virtual Training will take place January 25-29, 2021 


2021 Equal Justice Conference Virtual

The 2021 Equal Justice Conference will be virtual the week of May 3-7. Please mark your calendar and watch for registration information coming soon.

2021 Litigation & Advocacy Leaders Conference

The 2021 Litigation & Advocacy Leaders Conference will take place July 17-20. Stay tuned for more details regarding registration!

2021 National Farmworker Law Conference Nashville, Tennessee

The 2021 National Farmworker Law Conference will take place on November 10-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. ​Stay tuned for updates regarding this conference. 

2021 Annual Conference Nashville, Tennessee

The 2021 NLADA Annual Conference will take place November 10-13 in Nashville, TN. Stay tuned for updates.

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Combatting Sexual Harassment In Housing

Join this webinar to learn about: types of legal services available to address sexual harassment in housing; the proper process of identifying and referring the crime; civil rights litigation on behalf of victims; and opportunities for collaboration among the Federal Government and those providing direct legal services for the victims.

Beyond The Adversarial System- Achieving the Challenge Webinar

Traditionally, prosecutors and defenders are adversaries in the courtroom. In order to achieve the SJC goals of system-wide sustainable change, collaboration with all system actors is essential. However, broader criminal justice reform can often be difficult to achieve when dealing with traditionally opposing roles. Therefore, APA and NLADA have drafted a joint publication entitled “Beyond the Adversarial System: Achieving the Challenge,” which stems from our April 2017 joint meeting that brought together SJC prosecutors and defenders from four jurisdictions.

Combatting Human Trafficking Through Collaboration

Join this webinar to learn about: types of legal services survivors of human trafficking need; how to identify when civil or criminal clients may be victims of trafficking; successful models for collaborating with law enforcement while maintaining a victim-centered approach; and opportunities for working with the Civil Rights Division to fight against human trafficking.

Partnerships in Federal Funding: Case Studies in Defender/Civil Program Collaboration

This webinar is part of a 5-part series and will showcase successful Defender/Civil program partnerships that are supported with Federal funds.