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Trainings from NLADA

Specific yet diverse trainings from NLADA inform, inspire, and empower a wide range of professionals to carry the torch of equal justice in communities nationwide. They provide opportunities for professional and leadership development, for developing substantive legal practice, for skills building, and for obtaining CLE credit. NLADA excels at offering innovative, interactive, faculty-intensive training programs and conferences.

Annual Conferences

There are no scheduled annual conferences.


Every year NLADA organizes two major conferences that bring together people from across the country to share expertise and find better ways to advance justice. Taking place each spring is Equal Justice Conference, which is co-sponsored by the American Bar Association; taking place each fall is NLADA Annual Conference.

2019 Annual Conference Detroit, MI

The 2019 Annual Conference will be held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

2020 Appellate Defender Training New Orleans, LA

The National Appellate Defender Training (ADT) offers an intensive, four-day learning experience designed specifically for attorneys who represent indigent defendants in criminal and delinquency appeals in the state and federal court systems. 

Civil Training Opportunities

There are no scheduled civil training sessions.

Defender Training Opportunities

There are no scheduled defender training sessions.


NLADA hosts webinars that strengthen the work of the civil legal aid and public defender communities.

NLADA records the webinars we host so that people from across our community can take advantage of the ideas and expertise those sessions offer. Most be watched, along with other videos, on our YouTube channel; the sessions on budget advocacy organized in collaboration with American University are hosted on its site.

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Serving Veterans Series | Webinar 2: Best Practices for Service Delivery

Join  NLADA in our veterans webinar series, Serving Veterans: Best Practices for Service Delivery

Serving Veterans Series | Webinar 3: Screening & Technology

Join NLADA for the third webinar in our veterans series.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Series | Webinar 1: Research & Funding

Join the NLADA for the first webinar in our opioid series.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Series | Webinar 2: Collecting & Using Data

Join the NLADA in our webinar series, Addressing the Opioid Crisis.