Corporate Advisory Committee

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Demonstrate your commitment to equal justice by joining NLADA’s Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC).  The CAC identifies ways to facilitate greater pro bono support for civil legal aid programs across the country. In addition, the CAC assists in formulating national strategies for generating public and political support for federal funding of legal services and bolstering the resource development initiatives of NLADA.

Joining NLADA as a CAC member provides you with a unique opportunity to strengthen your understanding of the issues and trends facing our nation’s civil legal aid and public defense systems, engage on substantive issues that are relevant to your company, and build lasting relationships with equal justice advocates and clients, as well as with your peers in the business community.

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The CAC was founded in 1992 under the leadership of former NLADA Board Member Jack Martin, Ford Motor Company vice president and general counsel. It institutionalizes Corporate America’s dedication to the principle of equal justice under the law and to explore the ways in which the corporate sector can help to ensure the availability of legal representation to low-income people in our nation. 

For more information, please contact Aileen Moffatt, Vice President, External Relations at [email protected] or 202.452.0620 x223.      


Chair - Max Laun, Vice President & General Counsel, Arconic

Immediate Past Chair - John F. Schultz, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Previous CAC chairs include:

Bruce Kuhlik, Merck & Co., Inc.; Timothy Mayopoulos, Fannie Mae; Kenneth Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.; Catherine Lamboley, Shell Oil Company; Thomas Gottschalk, General Motors; Andrew Hendry, Proctor & Gamble; and Jack Martin, Ford Motor Company.


Eli Lilly
and Company



Phillip Morris



Uber Technologies,








  • Actively engage in practical and innovative public-private partnerships that expand access to counsel and direct service pro bono work.
  • Directly influence public policy issues such as Legal Service Corporation funding and public service loan forgiveness in coordination with NLADA.
  • Help develop and scale new technology platforms for service delivery nation-wide.
  • Expand your pro bono efforts with the assistance of NLADA civil legal aid and public defender staff who will facilitate connections between your company and our member program offices.
  • Promote your branding and give voice to your company’s pro bono work through NLADA’s website and social media platforms.
  • Enjoy access to online NLADA member benefits online including training materials, amicus curiae briefs and newsletters highlighting regular updates on key issues.
  • Receive a complimentary individual conference registration for you or a member of your staff to a NLADA conference such as our Annual Conference featuring 100+ topical sessions, trainings and workshops or the Equal Justice Conference.
  • Receive information about and complimentary registration to NLADA webinars. Purchase exclusive professional liability insurance to safeguard your pro bono activities while supporting access to counsel.
  • Purchase exclusive professional liability insurance to safeguard your pro bono activities while supporting access to counsel.


Directly support NLADA’s advocacy, training and technical assistance work across the country through the annual membership contribution of $5,500.