History of the CAC

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The CAC was founded in 1992 under the leadership of former NLADA Board Member Jack Martin, Ford Motor Company vice president and general counsel. It institutionalizes corporate America’s dedication to the principle of equal justice under the law and to explore the ways in which the corporate sector can help to ensure the availability of legal representation to low-income people in our nation. 


Current Chair - Max Laun, Vice President & General Counsel, Arconic

Immediate Past Chair - John F. Schultz, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Previous CAC Chairs - Bruce Kuhlik, Merck & Co., Inc.; Timothy Mayopoulos, Fannie Mae; Kenneth Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.; Catherine Lamboley, Shell Oil Company; Thomas Gottschalk, General Motors; Andrew Hendry, Proctor & Gamble; and Jack Martin, Ford Motor Company.