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522 SW 5th Avenue #812
Portland, OR 97204
United States
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Oregon Law Center
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Legal - Civil
Position Description: 

The state support unit attorney assigned to litigation and technology is responsible for the quality and quantity of litigation in Oregon’s legal aid programs with a focus on the use of technology in improving our representation of clients in high priority cases. The person in this position generates enthusiasm and excitement for the programs’ advocacy, helping attorneys see themselves as leaders, and helping people gain confidence, focus on systemic advocacy and excel in their work. She or he works to improve the programs’ capacity to provide high quality representation in more difficult and complicated cases when they arise. A significant part of the assignment is to ensure that all legal services attorneys in Oregon have the necessary support, mentoring and capacity to fully develop their litigation and other advocacy skills. The support unit attorney will serve as advisor or co-counsel in significant litigation. The person in this position will coordinate the effective use of litigation technology in order to help the litigators in our program increase the impact of their work and increase the chances of success by elevating an attorney’s performance and persuasiveness. The support unit attorney will coordinate the effective use of technology in the discovery and trial phases of cases as well as the use of statistical and other data in developing high priority cases.

The support unit attorney will be a member of a six attorney team -- the State Support Unit (SSU) -- that coordinates statewide advocacy by subject matter specialization. The Director of Litigation supervises the team and coordinates housing law. The four other members of the team provide leadership on complex litigation, administrative, family and employment law. The person in this position will work closely with the administrative, employment, family and housing law task forces and will participate in some statewide attorney training events. The SSU serves attorneys working in legal aid offices located in seventeen communities across Oregon. The SSU supports advocacy in two statewide legal aid programs and two countywide legal aid programs.

This position provides an exciting opportunity for an experienced litigator who wants to use teaching and leadership skills to increase the quality and quantity of litigation in legal services throughout Oregon. This position offers the opportunity to work creatively and strategically to improve the lives of low-income Oregonians.


Requirements: Demonstrated commitment to serving low-income communities. A high degree of initiative and willingness to work collaboratively. Strong interpersonal communication skills and a positive, energizing personality. Significant litigation experience including the use of technology in litigation. Experience mentoring other attorneys and advocates. At least eight years of relevant experience is preferred.

To apply: 

How to Apply: Send resume and letter of application to [email protected] or Ed Johnson, Director of Litigation, Oregon Law Center, 522 SW 5th Ave. #812, Portland, OR 97204

Equal Opportunity Employer
Submission deadline: 
Friday, June 10, 2016