Safeguarding Justice Resources

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This selection of resources represents just some of the work that NLADA does to #SafeguardJustice. Explore the rest of our site for many more resources to support your work!

Webinars, presentations, speeches and slides


  • NLADA Defender Research Library - Our research library on indigent defense offers an interactive cadre of resources that range over the past 70 years in 23 categories including state court decisions, pro bono, ethics and community relations.


  • Effective Community Engagement: A toolkit for civil legal services programs - Developed by NLADA’s Program Enhancement Committee, this resource was created to give programs critical information and materials to help in the planning and implementation of community engagement strategies systematically and consistently. Intentional and sustained community engagement strengthens a legal service program’s capacity to understand and respond effectively to the needs of low income clients and communities. It is therefore one hallmark of high quality, high impact advocacy.

  • SALR Toolkit - NLADA visited five organizations/regions which engaged in intentional strategic advocacy. With insights, tools and best practice gleaned from those visits, NLADA created this toolkit.

  • Basic Data Every Defender Program Needs to Track - This toolkit highlights the importance of data collection for defender offices. It identifies key information for defender leaders to collect, tips on how to compile that material, and guidance on using it for self-evaluation and advocacy. Ultimately, better use of data can make defender programs stronger advocates for their clients.

  • Rethinking Jails, Reframing Public Defense - Public defenders play a critical role in preventing unnecessary, unjust and expensive incarceration. NLADA developed this communications toolkit for defenders in the Safety and Justice Challenge so that they may articulate what effective public defense systems uniquely offer to pretrial reform.


  • November 2012 Training and Communication Survey Results - Read the results of a survey disseminated by NLADA to the civil legal aid and indigent defense communities in November 2012 regarding current interests in, constraints on engaging with and desired methodologies of training and education that NLADA could provide.

  • The Critical Role of Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Access To Counsel and Equal Justice - 2,007 public interest attorneys shared their stories with NLADA to demonstrate how important, for both attorneys and clients, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is to access to justice. The survey results illustrate the damaging consequences that would follow capping or eliminating PSLF:  a steep reduction in the number of lawyers who could afford public service careers.  Their departure for jobs that allowed them to pay their law school debt would profoundly diminish access to justice for low-income people in the United States.


  • Defender Standards - NLADA promulgates standards for quality indigent defense representation. Defenders use these standards to improve their own representation; policymakers use them to determine how to allocate criminal justice resources; and researchers use them to measure the quality and impact of defenders’ work.

  • Legal Aid Resources Site - A website established to help civil legal aid programs and other equal justice advocates find additional funding to support their efforts to provide legal aid to families and individuals.