Public Defense Paralegal

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Job location
710 Second Avenue, Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98104
United States
Organization information
Organization name: 
King County, Department of Public Defense
Street address: 
710 Second Avenue, Suite 1000
Job type: 
Legal - Defender
Position Description: 

Public Defense paralegals perform case preparation and investigative and information gathering tasks necessary for providing effective assistance of counsel. The paralegal may communicate with a wide network of court officials, law enforcement, legal and social agencies, jail and prison officials as well as clients and their family members.

•Review cases, investigate facts and underlying issues; review legal documents, technical data and all other relevant information in a case.
•Notify/inform witnesses, attorneys and other parties on case status; coordinate parties and witnesses for hearings or trials; schedule interviews with attorneys, victims and witnesses; set administrative hearings.
•Perform legal research of statutes and cases; gather facts, analyze data and review cases; research changes in state laws and local ordinances that affect bail schedules. Conduct conflict of interest checks in cases assigned.
•Interview parties and make recommendations in preparation of hearings or trials; explain various legal programs, policies, procedures and ramifications.
•Draft correspondence, pleadings, motions and discovery devices; prepare hearing or trial exhibits; prepare case files.
•Process and serve legal documents/subpoenas. Obtain documents by subpoena and other investigations and discovery method.
•Develop and maintain caseload and case assignments tracking system and database. Provide support in the maintenance and updating of computerized case-management system.
•Assist at trials and hearings.
•Serve as liaison with prosecutors, probation officers, bailiffs, judges, criminal justice agencies, other agencies, jurisdictions and clients.
•Support attorney time record keeping and assist in the submission of hours for purposes of additional case credit awards.
•Prepare and process invoices for professional mitigation services and experts.
•Collaborate and confer with defense investigators and mitigation specialists; monitor progress of the case.
•Assist with answering, tracking and processing requests under the Public Disclosure Act; ensure timely processing in compliance with statutory requirements; define/redefine scope of request as required and within the spirit of the law; research necessary documentation, files and reports; prepare documents in response to request redacting information as required from source material.
•Perform other duties as assigned.


1.Certification from a nationally accredited paralegal training institution and three years related experience or any combination of experience/education/training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the work
2.Knowledge of the performance Guidelines for Criminal Defense adopted by the Washington State Bar Association
3.Knowledge of the role of the attorney-client relationship and the requirement to adhere to the Washington State Bar Association Rules of Professional Responsibility
4.Knowledge of civil and criminal law and terminology, court rules and procedures
5.Knowledge of legal research methods and practices
6.Knowledge of interviewing techniques
7.Ability to provide support in the building of a strong attorney/client relationship
8.Knowledge of general office procedures, equipment and administration, bookkeeping principles and banking procedures
9.Advanced skills in writing pleadings, motions and briefs
10.Skill in communicating verbally including interviewing, customer service and interpersonal skills
11.Ability to ensure work performed conforms with prevailing professional standards and applicable statutes and county policy
12.Skill in handling multiple competing priorities, sensitive situations and crisis situations and functioning well under time pressure
13.Skill in interpreting complex legal documents, instruments, regulations and laws
14.Skill in working with a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds
15.Ability to work independently and as a team member
16.Skill in using office software programs including word processing, spreadsheet, database and email
17.Must be at least 21 years of age
OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT WILL BE CONTINGENT ON: 1.Ability to pass a Washington State Patrol Background Check
2.Ability to pass security clearance and/or background check to secure access to detention facilities

To apply: 

Visit to apply.

Required Application Materials: Completed on-line King County application, cover letter, resume, and a short self-authored writing sample.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Salary range: 
27.73 - $35.16
Submission deadline: 
Sunday, April 23, 2017