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We seek an Executive Director who can speak for the rights of workers at this pivotal moment, when those rights are being eroded. Building on the expertise, credibility, and diversity of our team, our members, and our allies, we aim to empower our new leader to be the architect of a strategy and action plan aligned with the challenges of these times.
The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) empowers its membership of workers' rights attorneys through legal training, promoting a fair judiciary, and advocating for laws and policies that level the playing field for workers. Its sister organization, The Employee Rights Advocacy Institute for Law & Policy (The Institute) is a 501(c)(3) that advances workers' rights through research, thought leadership, and education for policymakers, advocates, and the public. Our shared vision is a future in which all workers are treated with dignity and respect; workplaces are equitable, diverse, and inclusive; and the well-being of workers is a priority in business practices. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values of NELA and The Institute and essential to the achievement of our missions.
NELA and its 69 circuit, state, and local affiliates have over 4,000 members who understand the many challenges employees are facing. We are seeking a leader to raise the visibility of our work, grow our membership through our leadership on vital issues they care about, deliver strong programming, improve the federal legislative environment and help educate the public, advocates, and policy makers. With an effective and committed staff of 10, offices in Concord, CA and Washington DC, a combined budget of $1.8 million, healthy cash reserves, and a renewed energy for the work ahead, this position is a unique leadership opportunity. Our healthy culture, our institutional knowledge and the common cause we enjoy with our members and allies are great resources for a leader who can help us achieve our fullest potential. More information about NELA and The Institute can be found at https://www.nela.org and http://employeerightsadvocacy.org/.

Current Circumstances

Following the planned retirement of its accomplished founder and through a period of transition, NELA has prepared itself to welcome new leadership. We believe this will be best realized through an authentic partnership between a strong, empowered chief executive and a board focused on its high level strategic and policy role. The new leader and the board will also identify a board development consultant to facilitate continuous process improvement to help maximize the potential of this partnership going forward.

Our board draws on the expertise and the diversity of our members, who represent a vital source of information and insight that an effective leader can translate into action and support for our membership. With the support of strategic and communications consultants, the board and staff are now developing a preliminary analysis and processes that will help prepare the new Executive Director to shape a strategic agenda and action plan.


Qualifications and Responsibilities

Reporting to the NELA and Institute Boards, the Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the vision and missions of NELA and The Institute. Key areas of common focus involve consensus-building around a strategic vision, strengthening communications, fund development, and leading the organizations through change.

Key attributes and qualifications:

• Demonstrated success as a senior executive, preferably in a professional membership or progressive nonprofit organization.
• Experience with professional nonprofit and/or membership organizations, preferably at a state or national level, would be helpful.
• Exceptional organizational, leadership, fundraising, personnel, and strategic planning skills.
• Experience in organizational growth and development.
• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, including teambuilding and facilitation.
• Adaptable and innovative, with a sense of humor.
• Demonstrated professional affinity and commitment to social justice.
• Law degree and active Bar membership are preferred.
• Substantive experience or expertise in employment, labor and/or civil rights law preferred.
• A commitment to be based at NELA’s national headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area is preferred, but alternate working locations may be discussed on a case-by-case basis with otherwise highly qualified candidates.
• Experience with strategic communications campaigns is a plus.

The proposed compensation range is $145,000-$155,00, with excellent benefits and office support.

NELA and The Institute are equal opportunity employers. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values of NELA and The Institute and essential to the achievement of our missions. Diversity, equity, and inclusion create meaningful representation and involvement of persons with varied backgrounds, experiences, identities, and abilities, each with the opportunity to make robust contributions to the organization without discriminatory barriers. To express these values, NELA and The Institute promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organizational structures and policies, leadership, membership, programs and services, employment practices, and relationships with coalition partners and donors.

Please submit a resume and cover letter, in PDF format, to:

[email protected]

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Please submit a resume and cover letter, in PDF format, to:

[email protected]

Equal Opportunity Employer
Salary range: 
$145,000-$155,00, with excellent benefits and office support.
Submission deadline: 
Saturday, August 15, 2020