Implicit Bias Reflection

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Release Date: 
Monday, June 3, 2019

            Andrea's Implicit Bias Videos Reflection

I think that someone’s implicit bias comes from their experiences. People grow up learning word

associations that eventually become automatic by the time a person has grown and lived through

experiences. But by definition of being “Implicit”, the biases are not explicitly known. It can be difficult to be aware of some biases. Therefore, finding solutions to combat the biases are not actively sought after or may not be very helpful. I think people have to be aware of the implicit biases to the point where they become almost explicit enough for a person to immediately recognize the discriminatory nature following a moment in which they were biased. Only with knowledge and awareness can some of the suggestions in the videos work. Hanging out with people across the ‘bias line” will help to some extent because new personal experiences will be formed. Sometimes, because we grow up making certain associations, they are taught to us by someone else.

            Implicit Bias Test Reflection

Although, with my own results in the implicit bias tests, I recognize I received the results I did because of my upbringing, social surroundings, and the minority bias groups I am a part of. None of the results from the 3 tests I took were surprising to me. I am biased in favor of darker skin toned individuals, African Americans, and Women in careers. But what I learned from myself while taking the tests is that just

because I tend to favor these groups, does not mean I am necessarily biased against the other groups. I still value and respect the other groups. I just tend to act more favorably towards the groups I did because 1) I am a part of each group that people are typically biased against and 2) they are targeted groups in society. By targeted, I mean groups that experience much discrimination. To me, my bias in favor of these groups is a necessary part of who I am. I will always support women in careers, or women doing what they want, African Americans in society, and the darker skinned people in the midst of colorism. My associations of the counter parts are not necessarily negative, but my associations of my groups are just more positive because I identify as them. And I support and uplift my own. Call me conceited. While it may not necessarily be the case, I am aware that the same can be the reasons why people are biased in favor of the opposite groups as me.