Public Policy Fellow - Fair Housing and Transportation

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Job location
2222 W Braker Ln
Austin, TX 78758
United States
Organization information
Organization name: 
Disability Rights Texas
Street address: 
2222 W Braker Ln
Job type: 
Policy Development/Advocacy
Position Description: 

Job Summary

This is a full time entry level position for the Community Redevelopment Project. It will be located in Austin and will serve on the Community Integration/Healthcare team. The position is solely funded by a two year grant and the continuation of this position’s availability past the duration of initial funding is not guaranteed. It will support the improvement in enforcement of federal, state and local fair housing laws and transportation systems compliance with ADA requirements. It will also advocate for those seeking housing or access to reliable, accessible transportation who have experienced discrimination based on disability. The fellow will coordinate and facilitate outreach activities primarily focusing on fair housing, transportation accessibility and accommodations. Further, the position will identify barriers to accessing housing and transportation for individuals with disabilities study and then advance public policy to increase affordable, accessible and integrated housing and transportation opportunities.

Responsibilities and Duties

Identify major housing and transportation policy issues impacting people with disabilities
Participate in testing activities and monitoring visits, conduct interviews and seek resolution to any systemic issues identified.
collaborate with team members to identify opportunities for policy advocacy and coordinate with other efforts of the organization
conduct policy research, write policy reports, and provide internal and external training
monitor and report on legislative and administrative agency actions and provide public testimony
disseminate comprehensive communications to stakeholders
actively participate on various workgroups, advisory boards, task forces, and committees
work with other local, state and national organizations, agencies, legislators, and public officials regarding protecting and advocating the rights of individuals with disabilities
actively assist with annual grant reports


A master’s degree in law, social work, public policy or related programs received within the past 24 months – OR - be a parent, self-advocate, or sibling of a person with a disability and have demonstrated post-graduate level skills and knowledge in public policy.
Not actively or previously employed by Disability Rights Texas.
Not previously a Fellow through the Texas Council on Developmental Disabilities.
Ability to develop knowledge of housing and transportation service systems
Ability to develop knowledge of the state and federal regulatory and legislative processes and thus the ability to inform Texas policymakers about the impact of lack of appropriate fair housing enforcement and access to transportation.
Strong and effective written, verbal and negotiating communication skills, including the ability to do so in a concise manner regarding complex issues
Demonstrated experience in public speaking and developing effective informative and persuasive presentations
Experience working with governmental entities
Demonstrated functional knowledge of complex state and federal laws, rights protection statutes and regulations.
Willingness to take direction and independently follow through on instructions timely.
Exceptional communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
Strong computer / technology literacy.
High commitment to service excellence while maintaining high degree of integrity, ethics and judgement.

Disability Rights Texas is the federally designated legal protection and advocacy agency (P&A) for people with disabilities in Texas. Our mission is to help people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society.
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