CHIEF ATTORNEY - Montgomery County

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Job location
600 Jefferson Plaza
Rockville, MD 20852
United States
Organization information
Organization name: 
Maryland Legal Aid
Street address: 
500 East Lexington Street
Job type: 
Legal - Civil
Position Description: 

Maryland Legal Aid announces the availability of a full-time chief attorney position at the Montgomery County office located in Rockville, Maryland for qualified applicants.

Staff Supervision and Development
•Provide positive leadership to a staff of attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, and administrative staff currently serving Montgomery County;
•Lead hiring efforts to attract talented staff that have a commitment to the mission and work of Maryland Legal Aid;
•Build a cohesive, supportive team that works well with one another, develop objectives and priorities for the office; and maintains open communication;
•Ensure that effective, competent legal assistance is provided to low-income clients in an efficient, zealous, client-centered, and compassionate manner;
•Conduct impactful advocacy designed to address systemic problems affecting persons with low-income;
•Guide the professional development of staff, including co-counseling of cases; review of substantive legal work; providing meaningful assessments and evaluation of advocacy efforts, caseloads and productivity; staff community involvement, and training needs;
•Carry a caseload which is commensurate with the Chief’s expertise and accounts for managerial responsibilities;
•Balance the significant demand for services with the need to engage in impactful and effective advocacy for clients;
•Conduct case reviews and assign cases to staff consistent with Maryland Legal Aid’s case and matter acceptance guidelines;
Strategy and Leadership
•Participate in statewide task forces and statewide advocacy efforts;
•Develop expertise in the communities served by the office and all resources available to address client needs;
•Engage community leaders to enhance Maryland Legal Aid’s reputation in the communities it serves;
•Cultivate effective relationships with the judiciary and private bar;
•Lead efforts to increase pro bono representation of clients;
•Carry-out of Maryland Legal Aid’s strategic plan, which includes the integration of a Human Rights Framework to all aspects of the offices’ work, including litigation and advocacy, communications, community education, and human relations;
•Ensure administrative and regulatory requirements are met;
•Be part of a statewide management team and strive to improve the overall quality of Maryland Legal Aid’s service delivery throughout the state;
•Assist with the firm’s resource development efforts, including, but not limited to, the identifying of possible funding sources, making presentations to funders, and the drafting of grant applications and progress reports;
•Address client grievances;


B.S./B.A. Degree; a J.D. or L.L.B. Degree; admission to a State Bar and/or qualify for admission to Maryland Bar; plus at least seven (7) yea’s experience in legal services and/or law firm management.

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Equal Opportunity Employer
Submission deadline: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017