Administrator I - Legal Alliance for Survivors of Abuse Project Assistant Director

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Job location
Houston, TX 44019
United States
Organization information
Organization name: 
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Inc.
Street address: 
300 S. Texas Blvd.
Job type: 
Legal - Civil
Position Description: 


The Administrator I classification is related to the specific projects normally funded by special sources. Specific job descriptions include the following:

Legal Alliance for Survivors of Abuse (“LASA”) Project Assistant Director

The LASA Project Assistant Director, whose primary supervisor is the LASA Project Director, will be responsible for a wide array of activities related to administering the various grants and work related to the LASA Project. These responsibilities include:

1.Serve as liaison and trainer to the Project’s partners;

2.Participate in and help coordinate legal/victim advocate trainings at partner agencies;

3.Work closely with LASA partner staff to identify and recruit pro bono and contract attorneys in rural areas;

4.Become familiar with the legal remedies available to battered women and sexual assault survivors and assist Project attorneys in pursuing those remedies on behalf of Project clients;

5.Prepare required reports;

6.Assist in the preparation of grant applications;

7.Serve as a resource for general pro bono recruitment in rural areas;

8.Some general office support functions, e.g., filing.

9.Any other duties required by the Project Director, related Team Manager, or Group Coordinator.



1.Bachelor’s Degree preferred;
2.Good writing skills;
3.Bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English;
4.Have transportation available, including valid driver=s license and automobile insurance
5.Experience in working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault preferred;
6.Legal work experience preferred;
7.Computer skills, proficient with excel spreadsheets.

To apply: 

Email a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Equal Opportunity Employer
Salary range: 
salary commensurate with experience
Submission deadline: 
Friday, June 10, 2016