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NLADA Defender Legal Services

We provide resources to the public defense community through support, training and professional development, establishing and implementing standards, engaging our clients and community, in addition to monitoring reform and advocating on behalf of indigent defense systems across the nation.

Partnerships & Initiatives

Balance the Scales: Protect America's Right to Counsel

NLADA's Balance the Scales initiative seeks to establish a fair justice system in American through a national coalition committed to advocating for federal government reform and federal responsibility to improve indigent defense nationwide around the following principles: fairness; transparency; efficiency; uniformity and collaboration.

Justice Standards, Evaluation and Research Initiatives: the NLADA/NCIDS Partnership

NLADA has partnered with North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services to develop a new standard for indigent defense in the use of empirical evidence to raise resources, assess policy and evaluate performance.

NLADA/ACS Right to Counsel Data Collection Pilot Project

NLADA and the American Constitution Society have partnered to develop a nationwide data collection project to gather information necessary to address the deep-rooted issues in our public defense services.

ALL DLS Partnerships & Initiatives

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Michelle Bonner, Chief Counsel, Defender Legal Services