2017 ADT Agenda

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General Track (State, Federal and Juvenile Attorneys)

Day One

8:30-9:00        Conference Welcome                                     NLADA Staff and Travis Stearns

9:00-10:00      Focus on the Client: Why this Matters            David Singleton

10:00-10:15    Break

10:15-11:15    Brainstorming Facts and the Law                   Nadia Seeratan and Travis Stearns

11:15-12:15    Small Group Session: Brainstorming

12:15-1:45      Lunch

1:45-2:45        Small Group Session: Brainstorming            Small group faculty

2:45-3:00        Break

3:00-4:00        Storytelling                                                    Matthew Taylor

4:00-5:30        Small Group Session: Storytelling                Small group faculty

Day Two

8:30-9:30        Developing a Theory of Appeal                    Prof. JaneAnne Murray

9:30-9:45        Break

9:45-12:00      Small Group Session: Theory                       Small group faculty

12:00-1:30      Lunch

1:30-2:30        Writing a Persuasive Brief: The Statement of Facts    Amanda Powell

2:30-5:30        Small Group Session: Statement of Facts       Small group faculty

Day Three

8:30-9:30        Persuasive Brief Writing: Preparing your Argument   Melinda Prendergraph

9:30-9:45        Break

9:45-12:00      Small Group Session: Argument                      Small group faculty

12:00-1:30       Lunch

1:30-2:30         Small Group Session: Argument                     Small Group Faulty

2:30-3:30         Style Matters: Creating an Editing and Review Process    Marilena David-Martin and Travis Stearns

3:30-5:30         Small Group Session: Argument/Editing        Small group faculty

Day Four

9:15-10:15      Small Group Session: Editing and Presentation   Small group faculty

10:15-10:30    Break

10:30-11:45    Oral Advocacy                                                   Marsha Levick

11:45-12:00     Conclusory Remarks                                       Travis Stearns

Supreme Court Track

Day One

8:30-9:00         Conference Welcome

9:00-10:00       Focus on the Client: Why this Matters           David Singleton

10-12:00          The Nuts and Bolts of Crafting a Petition for Review   Peter Goldberger

12:00-1:30       Lunch

1:30-3:00         Small Group Session                                     Small group faculty

3:00-4:00         Storytelling                                                    Matthew Taylor

4:00-5:30         Small Group Sessions                                  Small group faculty

Day Two

8:30-9:30         Identifying and Crafting Effective Petitions   Peter Goldberger

9:30-9:45         Break

9:45-12:00       Small Group Session: Incorporating Storytelling in Your Briefs and Oral Advocacy  Small Group Faculty, with Matthew Taylor

12:00-1:30       Lunch

1:30-5:30        Small Group Session: Components of a Persuasive Petition     Small Group Faculty, with Matthew Taylor

Day Three

8:30-9:30        Effectively Answering the Government’s Petition     Stuart Lev

9:30-9:45        Break

9:45-12:00      Small Group Session: Writing a Petition for Review

12:00-1:30      Lunch

1:30-2:30        Amicus Advocacy                                                    Marsha Levick

2:30-2:45        Break

2:45-5:30        Small Group Session

Day Four

9:15-10:15      Oral Advocacy at the Supreme Court                   Panel Discussion with Small Group Faculty

10:15-10:30    Break

10:30-11:45    Oral Advocacy                                                       Marsha Levick

11:45-12:00    Conclusory Remarks                                             Travis Stearns