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705 Washington St
Ste B-1
Gainesville, GA 30501
United States
Organization information
Organization name: 
Georgia Legal Services Program
Street address: 
104 Marietta St Ste 250
Job type: 
Legal - Civil
Position Description: 

Regional Operations Manager – Gainesville/Athens Office

Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP), a non-profit statewide law firm, seeks a highly skilled, experienced person to serve as GLSP Regional Operations Manager in Gainesville/Athens. The mission of GLSP is to provide civil legal services for persons with low incomes, creating equal access to justice and opportunities out of poverty. Throughout its 46-year history, GLSP has been a leader in the representation of and legal advocacy for low-income Georgians. GLSP serves 154 of the 159 counties in Georgia, outside of metropolitan Atlanta, and has approximately 80 attorneys working in 10 offices throughout the state.

Human Resources

- The ROM shall coordinate information involving interviews and hiring for the local office. This includes the drafting of local job announcements for non-attorney positions, submission of position justification forms, coordination of interviews, participation in interviews as needed, applicant testing, notifying unsuccessful candidates of their rejection, sending recommendation paperwork to the Director of Human Resources, and sending offer of employment letters to non-attorney staff. Offer letters for attorney staff shall be issued by the Executive Director and the ROM shall follow up with the Director of Human Resources to ensure that the offer letters are issued within a reasonable period of time.

- Under the guidance of the Director of Human Resources, the ROM will coordinate local office onboarding, termination, and promotion paperwork. The ROM will also facilitate the non-legal training of new staff in collaboration with the staff person’s supervisor. This includes the provision of LSC and other federal regulatory policies required by GLSP, information on Program benefits, and other materials.

- The ROM will coordinate the submitting of local staff performance evaluations with the Director of Human Resources.

- The ROM will maintain copies of personnel files in accordance with GLSP policy.

- The ROM shall supervise all local administrative staff as well as, when applicable, non-attorney/law student volunteers in their local office. The ROM will be responsible for

their supervisees’ performance evaluations, leave requests, disciplinary actions, workload levels, and maintenance of their job description. When a supervisee is absent, the ROM may need to provide additional administrative support to the office.

- The Regional Operations Manager (ROM) shall assist in resolving conflicts involving their supervisees. This includes both grievances from client applicants and/or members of local office staff. In matters that also include the ROM, the Managing Attorney shall oversee conflict management. Larger matters and matters involving multiple offices shall be resolved by the Director of Human Resources.

- The ROM will maintain a preliminary knowledge of GLSP benefits such as leave, insurance, and the retirement plan, as well as basic knowledge of the federal regulations impacting them, such as the Family Medical Leave Act. A more comprehensive knowledge on these topics shall be maintained by the Director of Human Resources.

- Under the guidance of the Director of Human Resources, the ROM will ensure local office staff have easy access to information regarding compliance regulations. The ROM will maintain a basic knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Wage/Hour Claims, and other laws governing these practices. A more comprehensive knowledge on these topics shall be maintained by the Director of Human Resources.

- The ROM will report all incidents involving local-employee injury during work (workers’ compensation claims) to the Deputy Director. The ROM will also be responsible for providing initial staff information in response to a workers’ compensation claim.

- The ROM will maintain a calendar system for the tracking of local office attendance and upcoming training and events in accordance with GLSP and LSC policy. When necessary, the ROM will coordinate this information with the Central Support Office.

- The ROM will maintain a red binder for disaster planning and emergencies in their local office in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources. This includes the appointment of a local safety captain.

- The ROM will maintain a first aid kit, instructions, and other resources required for administering first aid care. This includes ensuring at least one member of staff receives basic training and certification in first aid.

Fiscal and Administration

- The ROM is responsible for the drafting and coordination of the annual budget for their local office with the Central Support Office in Atlanta.

- In conjunction with the Managing Attorney, the ROM will monitor local office expenditures for grant and office compliance. The ROM will receive monthly accounting reports from the Central Support Office. A summary analysis of budget progress will be submitted to the Managing Attorney.

- The ROM will submit timekeeping reports, mileage, staff reimbursements, invoices, and other payments with the Finance Department in accordance with GLSP accounting policies and procedures. These include client payments and checks for attorney’s fees.

- The ROM will be responsible for purchases of equipment or supplies for the local office unless otherwise directed by the Central Support Office.

- All ROMs will also have access to GLSP credit card information and will use and coordinate information regarding its use with the Central Support Office. Where a local

office maintains a local petty cash or bank account, the ROM will regularly report and reconcile statements with the Accounting Department.

- The ROM will maintain knowledge of LSC and other grant eligible expenses, GLSP accounting policies, and GLSP accounting procedures. Comprehensive knowledge of each of these shall be maintained by the Accounting Department.

- The ROM will annually complete an inventory of local office equipment and/or furniture in accordance with GLSP policy.

- In accordance with GLSP policy, the ROM will maintain copies of financial and other administrative records pertaining to the local office.

Grant Administration

- ROM will notify Grants Manager when local funding opportunities arise; and work in collaboration with Grants Manager in the grant application process.

- The ROM will complete and/or submit grant reports for the local office/Program where applicable. Where a report requires budget, reimbursement, and/or timesheets, the ROM will work in collaboration with the Accounting Department. The ROM will work in collaboration with the local Managing Attorney to complete an annual Self Inspection and LSC quarterly reports on case disclosure, non-priority cases, and legislative advocacy forms.

- As needed, the ROM will track local office performance and compliance with local office grants

- The ROM will assist in coordination, administration, and provision of logistical support for local events, clinics, and development activities.


- In collaboration with the Director of Information Technology, the ROM will complete initial set up and disposal of physical equipment, such as computers, docking stations, monitors, routers, and other basic technological equipment required for office functionality.

- The ROM will hold a cursory knowledge of frequently used software and equipment utilized in the local office. These include Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.), SharePoint, ShoreTel, Legal Server, the copy machine, conference call systems, etc. The ROM will provide basic onsite troubleshooting assistance on these systems.

- The ROM will ensure staff knowledge of IT helpdesk, shared equipment, and repair procedures.

Office Administration

- The ROM is responsible for overseeing a local office that is clean, neat, and presentable to the public, presenting a professional appearance to all visitors. This includes ensuring displays of current forms, brochures, and other information set up for client or guest use are stocked and maintained in an orderly manner.

- The ROM will coordinate office repair and maintenance requests with outside vendors.

- The ROM is responsible for local destruction of case files in accordance with GLSP policy and procedure.

- The ROM will craft and maintain local office planning/policy procedures in coordination with other members of local management. This includes policy objectives, strategic

planning, local services delivery models, participation in management meetings, and attendance at partner agency meetings/events.

- When requested, the ROM will prepare and present case information at local Case Acceptance Meetings.

- The ROM will oversee the local office library as needed. This will include ensuring that new books and updates are promptly placed in the library. The ROM will also have responsibility for maintaining an inventory of all books in the library, requesting updates and new books where requested by staff, and ensure that the library is kept in a professional manner.

- In accordance with GLSP policy, the ROM will ensure coordination of interpreter and translation services for GLSP clients and documents when necessary.

- The ROM will ensure local office letterhead is updated as needed.

- The ROM will maintain an electronic and physical case filing system for their local office in accordance with grant, office, and Program policies.

- The ROM will ensure the Statewide Intake Spreadsheet is up to date in accordance with local office case acceptance requirements.

- In collaboration with the Deputy Director, the ROM will assist in negotiation of lease and/or service agreements involving the local office.

- The ROM will ensure that mail is accepted and delivered to and from appropriate staff on daily basis and in a prompt and business-like manner. This includes ensuring sufficient accurate postage is available.

- The ROM will ensure all office staff receive equipment and materials necessary to perform their duties. This includes the issuance of keys, coordination of network access passwords, the acquisition of furniture and supplies, and other functions as directed by the Managing Attorney or other appropriate member of the Central Support Office.

Miscellaneous Duties

- The ROM will direct questions regarding work duties to appropriate individuals within GLSP and the Regional Office.

- The ROM will assure all matters involving client information are handled in a confidential manner.

- The ROM will maintain the confidences of the managing attorney and GLSP

- The ROM will perform other duties as requested by the managing attorney.

Salary is dependent upon experience and qualifications; GLSP offers excellent fringe benefits.


Must have a high school diploma, college level work is preferred. The successful applicant must have good writing and excellent oral advocacy skills. Applicants must be knowledgeable in MS Office Suite and Microsoft Outlook, and Legal Server. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

To apply: 

A statement of interest and resume should be submitted to

GLSP is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of Georgia Legal Services Program not to discriminate against any applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, pregnancy, medical condition, national origin, disability, marital or other protected status. GLSP values a diverse work environment and strongly encourages women, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and people who have experienced poverty or homelessness to apply. GLSP invites all applicants to include in their cover letter a statement about how your unique background and/or experiences might contribute to the diversity, cultural vitality, and perspective of our staff and legal services practice.
Salary range: 
· Salary: Depending on experience