2022 HDLC: Featured Speakers

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Featured Speakers

Lewis Conway, Jr

Lewis Conway Jr. has written four books and has been recognized for his professional servant-leadership nationally. Conway has served on numerous boards and is currently serving as an Advisory Board Member of the Rikers Debate Project and Community Outreach Advisory Council Member for First Step Alliance. 

Lewis is an ordained Minister, Executive Director of the Change The Whether Initiative,  a nonprofit that works inside prisons and jails with young and adult men. Conway and his wife, Nicole (a mental health advocate), started Equally Yoked Marketing and Consultants, a research and marketing firm that assists organizations with connecting to their target audience using data driven messaging. 

As a formerly incarcerated individual, having served 2,095 days in Texas prisons and 4,012 days on parole for Voluntary Manslaughter; Conway has worked tirelessly in local and state legislatures advocating for criminal justice reform, parole reform, voting rights restoration, occupational licensing reform and mental health access, diversity in leadership, building power in disenfranchised communities, .In 2018, Conway challenged an ambiguous state law; becoming one of the first formerly incarcerated people in Texas to have their name placed on an electoral ballot.

Lewis, currently works as a Strategist for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) working nationally to carry out large-scale advocacy, legislative, electoral and organizing campaigns which advocate for policy changes that promote the abolishment of mass incarceration.

Conway has over two decades of experience as a visual storyteller and digital content creator in the broadcast and music industry.


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