Your Clients' Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Will Expire: Legal Aid Can Help

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Each year, millions of people who are ineligible for Social Security Numbers file federal tax returns using ITINs. This helps low-income people access critical supports such tax credits and exemptions, including the Child Tax Credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit, and an insurance-premium tax credit for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, or an exemption from the ACA's individual mandate. Use of an ITIN to file federal taxes returns can have a positive impact for immigrant taxpayers in other areas, as well.
If ITINS are not renewed, returns will be processed without exemptions and/or credits, and no refund will be paid.
The upcoming expirations will impact your program's clients. While many legal aid providers host or participate in Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs, there are steps you can take to serve clients even if you are unable to access a LITC or VITA program.
This free webinar will feature representatives from the IRS's Stakeholder Partnerships, Education & Communication (SPEC) to talk about how expiring ITINs might impact your clients - and how you can help - and will share details about how the expanded Certified Acceptance Agent program could be an additional way to facilitate renewal.
Join us Oct. 19 to learn what you and your program can do to identify and guide clients whose ITINs are expiring, so they may continue to access the critical supports the program is designed to provide.

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