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  NLADA sponsors 13 awards honoring the distinguished men and women whose outstanding service and achievements advance the cause of equal access to justice. The awards are:
CorporateLaw Firms/Judicial

National Exemplar Awards (annual)

Each year at its annual dinner, NLADA honors one or more members of the private bar or corporate community who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting and supporting equal justice.

Past recipients include:

  • 2012 - Laura Stein, The Clorox Company
  • 2011 - Brad Smith, Microsoft
  • 2010 - Rick Cotton, NBC Universal
  • 2009 - Michael Holston, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • 2008 - Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.
  • 2007 - Roderick A. Palmore, Sara Lee Corporation
  • 2006 - William B. Lytton, Tyco International
    Mark J. MacDougall, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLC
  • 2005 - Jeffrey B. Kindler, Pfizer Inc
  • 2004 - Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr., General Electric
  • 2003 - Josť de Lasa, Abbott Laboratories
    Frank S. Moseley, Davis Polk & Wardwell
  • 2002 - Thomas A. Gottschalk, General Motors Corporation
    Esther F. Lardent, The Pro Bono Institute
  • 2001 - John H. Pickering, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
    James J. Johnson, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • 2000 - Mary M. McDonald, Merck & Co., Inc.
    Martha W. Barnett, Holland & Knight LLP
  • 1999 - Andrew D. Hendry, Colgate-Palmolive Company
    Robert N. Weiner, Arnold & Porter
  • 1998 - Joseph E. Mullaney, The Gillette Company
    John Payton, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
  • 1997 - John Martin, Jr., Ford Motor Company
  • 1996 - Benjamin Civiletti, Venable, Baetjet, Howard and Civiletti LLP
  • 1995 - Sara-Ann Determan, Hogan & Hartson
    Jack W. Londen, Morrison & Foerster
    William O. Whitehurst, Whitehurst, Harkness, Watson, Loudon, Ozmun & Galow
  • 1994 - Hon. Dennis Archer, Mayor, Detroit, MI
    David S. Tatel, Hogan & Hartsen
    Alfred Charles Kammer, S.J., Catholic Charities USA
  • 1993 - Hillary Rodham Clinton, Legal Services Advocate and First Lady
    Marna Tucker, Feldesman, Tucker, Leifer, Fidell & Bank
    F. Wm. McCalpin, former NLADA president, retired partner, Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, L.C.
  • 1992 - Hon. Elliot L. Richardson, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
    Brooksley Born, Arnold & Porter
  • 1991 - Congressman Robert W. Kasenmeier, Wisconsin
    David B. Isbell, Civil Rights Advocate

If you would like more information about NLADA awards, please contact

Justice John Paul Stevens Lifetime Achievement Award (annual)

The Justice John Paul Stevens Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an attorney from the judiciary, academy or law firm arena, who has committed his or her life to the fair administration of justice for all people regardless of race, color, creed or income, demonstrated an exemplary commitment to equal justice, and whose life and professional accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the entire legal profession.

Past recipients include:

  • 2011 - Justice Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
  • 2010 - Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

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Harrison Tweed Award (annual)

NLADA and the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid jointly sponsor the annual Harrison Tweed Award, which honors state and local bar associations that develop or significantly expand projects or programs to increase access to civil legal services or indigent defense services. Harrison Tweed served as the president of the New York Legal Aid Society and was a national leader of legal aid during the 1940's and 1950's.

Past recipients include:

  • 2002 - Atlanta Bar Association, Association of the Bar of the City of New York and State Bar of Texas
  • 2001 - Brooklyn (NY) Bar Association, State Bar of California and Oregon State Bar
  • 2000 - The Alameda County Bar Association in Oakland, CA., and the Delaware State Bar Association in Wilmington, Del.
  • 1999 - The Saginaw County Bar Association in Saginaw, Mich., and the Washington State Bar Association in Seattle
  • 1998 - The State Bar of Michigan, the Forsyth County (N.C.) Bar Association and the Dallas Bar Association
  • 1997 - Bar Association of San Francisco, Gaston County Bar Association in North Carolina and the King County Bar Association in Washington
  • 1996 - The Jacksonville, Florida Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Association, New York State Bar Association
  • 1995 - Harrisonburg/Rockingham (VA) Bar Association,
  • 1994 - York County Bar Association and the Asian-American Bar Association of the Delaware Valley, District of Columbia Bar, Minnesota State Bar Association
  • 1993 - Ohio State Bar Association
  • 1992 - Florida Bar Association and the Indianapolis Bar Association

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Kutak-Dodds Prize (annual)

Established in 1989 and presented each year at NLADA's Annual Dinner in Washington, DC, the Kutak-Dodds Prize honors an equal justice advocate "who, through the practice of law, has contributed in a significant way to the enhancement of the human dignity and quality of life of those persons unable to afford legal representation." The award is jointly sponsored by NLADA and the Robert J. Kutak Foundation and carries a cash prize of $10,000. Beginning in 2001, two prizes are given each year, one for exceptional work in civil legal aid and the other for outstanding service in public defense. The Kutak-Dodds Prize is named for the Late Robert J. Kutak, a member of the first Legal Services Corporation Board and the late Kenneth R. Dodds, former partners in the Omaha office of Kutak Rock. Bob Kutak dedicated his career to public service and legal education, and Ken Dodds was well known for his life-long interest in providing legal services to the disadvantaged.

For nomination information, click here.

Past recipients include:

  • 2012 - Abigail Turner, Legal Aid Justice Center, VA
    Kim Dvorchak, Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition
  • 2011 - Wendy Pollack, The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
    Samuel S. Dalton, Solo Practitioner, Jefferson Parish, LA
  • 2010 - Alan Alop, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
    J. McGregor Smyth, The Bronx Defenders
  • 2009 - Julie Levin, Central Office of Legal Aid of Western Missouri
    Danalynn Recer, Harris County, Texas
    Eileen Hirsch, State of Wisconsin Office of The State Public Defender
  • 2008 - Charles F. Elsesser, Jr., Florida Legal Services, Inc.
    Eileen Hirsch, State of Wisconsin Office of The State Public Defender
  • 2007 - William C. McNeill, Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center
    Dennis R. Murphy, Legal Aid Society, New York, NY
  • 2006 - Sharon Dietrich, Managing Attorney for Public Benefits and Employment for Community Legal Services, Inc.
    Melinda Pendergraph, Appellate Attorney, Missouri Public Defender System
  • 2005 - William Grimm, Senior Attorney, National Center for Youth Law
    Brownlow Speer, Chief Appellate Attorney, Committee for Public Counsel Services, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 2004 - William J. Brennan, Jr., Director of the Home Defense Project of the Atlanta Legal Aid Society
    Roberto NŠjera, Deputy Public Defender in the Alternate Defender Office of the Office of the Public Defender of Contra Costa County
  • 2003 - Lois Wood, managing attorney, of the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation
    Stephen L. Richards, deputy defender of the Death Penalty Trial Assistance Division, of the Office of the Illinois State Appellate Defender
  • 2002 - Harry J. Fulton, Chief of the Mental Health Division of the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
    Fred Fuchs, Attorney with Legal Aid of Central Texas
  • 2001 - Christine B. Hastedt, Public Policy Specialist, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Inc.
    Fred B. Last, Wayne E. Natale & P. Jeffrey Wintner, Gloucester County Regional Office, New Jersey Office of the Public Defender
  • 2000 - Robin Steinberg, Founder and Executive Director of Bronx Public Defenders
  • 1999 - Steve Fredrickson, Staff Attorney, Columbia Legal Services
  • 1998 - John M. Bouman, Co-Founder and Director of the Poverty Law Project, a public-interest law office of the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services in Chicago
  • 1997 - Cheryl Rafert, Attorney, Death Row Defender, St. Louis, MO
  • 1996 - Tanya Neiman, Executive Director, Volunteer Legal Services Program, San Francisco, CA
  • 1995 - Ellen Hines Smith, Executive Director, Piedmont Legal Services, Spartanburg, SC
  • 1994 - Elaine R. Jones, Director, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • 1993 - Ralph Santiago Abascal, General Counsel, California Rural Legal Assistance, San Francisco, CA
  • 1992 - Stephen Bright, Director, Southern Center for Human Rights
  • 1991 - John Rosenberg, Director, Appalachian Research and Defense Fund, Inc.
  • 1990 - Martha Bergmark, for her Civil Rights and Legal Services work in Mississippi
  • 1989 - Florence Roisman, for her pioneering work as a national housing advocate

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NLADA Innovations in Technology Award (annual)

This award is presented at the annual NLADA/ABA Equal Justice Conference and honors an individual who has made outstanding career contributions to creativity and innovation in the delivery of legal service to poor people.

Past recipients include:

  • 2009 - Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grants Program
  • 2008 - Iowa Legal Aid
  • 2007 - Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP)
  • 2006 - I-CAN! Legal
  • 2005 - Alison Paul, Montana Legal Services
  • 2004 - Gwen Daniels, Sarjeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
  • 2003 - Practising Law Institute
  • 2002 - Pro Bono Net, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Legal Services for New York City, and the Legal Aid Society of New York
  • 2001 - Ann Crawley, Maryland Legal Assistance Network
  • 2000 - Hugh Calkins, Pine Tree Legal Assistance, Maine
  • 1999 - Wayne Moore, AARP

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Reginald Heber Smith Award (annual)

The Reginald Heber Smith Award is presented at NLADA's National Conference, and recognizes the dedicated services and outstanding achievements of civil or indigent defense attorneys while employed by organizations supporting such services. The award may be given up to two years after the attorney's termination of employment with the organization. The "Reggie" is named for the author of the first definitive examination of the unfair administration of justice and its effect on the poor, Justice and the Poor, which was published in 1919.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 - Josefina Pontoja-Oquendo, Puerto Rico Legal Services, Inc.
  • 2009 - Ann B. Lever, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
  • 2008 - Michael P. Judge, Chief Public Defender for Los Angeles County
  • 2007 - Mona Tawatao, regional counsel with Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC)
  • 2006 - Shelley Davis, Farmworker Justice, and Lawrence Sullivan, Public Defender of the State of Delaware
  • 2005 - Laura Tuggle, New Orleans Legal Assistance, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services
  • 2004 - Gregory Schell, Florida Legal Services
  • 2003 - Charles Gessler, retired from the Los Angeles County Public Defender and "Dean of the Death Penalty" in California; and
    Herbert Semmel, director of the Federal Rights Program, for the National Senior Citizens Law Center in Los Angeles
  • 2002 - Webb Brewer, litigation director for Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc., of Tennessee; and
    David Feige, Trial Chief with The Bronx Defenders, New York
  • 2001 - Mary Ann Tally, Director of the Trial Assistance Unit at the Center for Death Penalty Litigation
  • 2000 - E. Clinton Bamberger, Jr., Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Maryland
  • 1999 - Jacqueline A. Nash, Southern University Law Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  • 1998 - The late Robert C. Ericson, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty
  • 1997 - George Castelle, Chief Public Defender, Kanawha County, WV
    Jane Perkins, National Health Law Program in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • 1996 - Larry A. Landis, Indiana Public Defender Council
  • 1995 -Andrea Lyon, Illinois Capital Resource Center in Chicago, IL.
  • 1994 - David Williams, New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation
    Robert Schwartz, Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1993 - Alice Bussiere, Children's Advocate in California and throughout the country
    James Neuhard, for his nationally recognized opposition to the death penalty
  • 1992 - Jonathan Stein and Richard Weisenaupt, counsel in Sullivan v. Zebley, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in which the Court found that the eligibility requirements for Social Security Income disability benefits for children were tougher than those for adults.
    Theodore Gottfried, Director of the Office of the State Appellate Defender, Springfield, IL
  • 1991 - Overton Pollard, Public Defender Commission of Virginia
    Pauline Gee, California Rural Legal Assistance
  • 1990 - Robert Carran
    Brian Paddock
  • 1989 - Craig Barnard
    Gordon Bonnyman
    Richard Goos
    Allan Rodgers
  • 1988 - Alex Landon
  • 1987 - Robert Boruchowitz
    Melvin D. Miller
    Alex Landon
  • 1986 - Robert Cullen
    Terence F. MacCarthy
  • 1985 - Douglas Hall
    Eileen P. Sweeney
  • 1984 - Leroy Cordova
    Michael Millman
  • 1983 - Jonathan Asher
    Willie E. Cook, Jr.
    Sheldon Portman
  • 1982 - Charles Dorsey
    Clinton Lyons
  • 1981 - Henry A. Freedman
    Ashley T. Wiltshire
  • 1980 - Gary Myers
    Valerie Vanaman
  • 1979 - Geraldine Moses
    Myzell Sowell
  • 1978 - Marshall Hartman
  • 1971 - Brook Hart
  • 1969 - Robert E. Jagger
  • 1965 - George Nye
  • 1961 - H. Sol Clark

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Robert F. Kennedy Award

The Robert F. Kennedy award, sponsored by the American Council of Chief Defenders and first awarded in 2000, recognizes a criminal justice system leader other than a defender, whose work acknowledges the critical role the public defense function plays in ensuring fair justice systems. The award is named for former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in honor of his support for quality public defense systems, including shepherding through to passage the nationís first indigent defense statute, the federal Criminal Justice Act, in 1963, the year that Gideon v. Wainwright was handed down.


  • 2001 - Hon. Janet Reno, Former United States Attorney General
  • 2000 - Nancy Gist, U.S. Department of Justice, Director of Bureau of Justice Assistance

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Mary Ellen Hamilton Award (biennial)

Honors a client who, on a compensated or volunteer basis, has provided extraordinary service or support to the delivery of legal services to the poor. The award honors one of the founders of the National Clients Council and the Alliance for Legal Rights. Mary Ellen Hamilton served on NLADA's Board of Directors and remained an active member of the Alliance until her death in 1985.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 - Yvette Long, Pennsylvania Legal Services
  • 2007 - Amelia Nieto, California
  • 2007 - Peggy Santos, Massachussetts
  • 2005 - Johnnie Mar Flournoy, Columbus regional chair of the Georgia Client Council
  • 2001 - Gladys Barnes (posthumously), Alabama
  • 1999 - Phyllis A. Carr, Indiana
  • 1998 - Norah Cooney Rogers
  • 1997 - Lillie J. Winn, Georgia
  • 1996 - Virginia Rojo Holland, Texas
    Ronald E. Miles, Kansas
  • 1995 - Veda McKnight, Georgia
  • 1994 - Ann Bailey
  • 1993 - Rosie Newsome, Indiana
  • 1991 - Mary Ellen Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • 1990 - Lucymae Echols
  • 1989 - Jo Ann Smith
    Louise Brookins
  • 1987 - Romie Campbell
  • 1986 - Virginia Montford

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Charles Dorsey Award (biennial)

The Charles Dorsey Award is given biennially to an individual who has provided extraordinary and dedicated service to the equal justice community and to organizations that promote expanding and improving access to justice for low-income people. To be eligible to receive this award, an individual must have demonstrated a commitment to equal justice for all through service as an officer, board or committee member of a national or statewide organization devoted to fulfilling the promise of equal justice.

Past recipients include:

  • 2009 - Edgar and the Late Jean Camper Cahn, University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law, Timebanks, USA
  • 2007 - Stuart Andrews, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, South Carolina
  • 2005 - Malcolm Young, executive director of The Sentencing Project in Washington, DC
  • 2003 - Alex Gulotta, director of the Legal Aid Justice Center in Charlottesville, VA
  • 2001 - Robert Spangenberg, president of The Spangenberg Group in Newton, MA
  • 1999 - Laurie D. Zelon, a partner at the Los Angeles law firm of Morrison and Foerster, co-founder of Californians for Legal Aid and chair of the California Commission on Access to Justice
  • 1997 - Lillian O. Johnson, Director of Community Legal Services, Phoenix, AZ
  • 1995 - Joseph R. Bartylak, Executive Director of Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Foundation, Alton, IL

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Clara Shortridge Foltz Award (biennial)

Commends a public defender program or defense delivery system for outstanding achievement in the provision of indigent defense services. The achievement may be the result of an effort by the entire program, a division or branch or a special project. This award is co-sponsored by NLADA and the American Bar Association Standing committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants. Established in 1985, this award was named for the founder of the nation's public defender system. Foltz, California's first woman lawyer introduced the "Foltz Defender Bill" at the Congress of Jurisprudence and Law Reform in Chicago in 1893.

Past recipients include:

  • 2009 - Michigan State Appellate Defender Office
  • 2007 - Bennett H. Brummer and the Public Defenderís Office of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida (PD-11)
  • 2003 - Louisville-Metro Public Defender's Office, Kentucky
  • 2001 - Youth Advocacy Project (YAP) of the Committee for Public Counsel Services
  • 1999 - The San Diego County Alternate Public Defender's (APD) Dependency Program
  • 1998 - The Capital Defense and Trial Services Unit, Connecticut Division of Public Defender Services
  • 1997 - Washington Defender Association
  • 1995 - Minnesota State Board of Public Defender
  • 1993 - The Office of the Public Defender for the State of Maryland
  • 1991 - Lake County Illinois Public Defender Office
  • 1987 - The Defender Association of Philadelphia
  • 1986 - Illinois State Appellate Defender
  • 1985 - Los Angeles County Public Defender

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Pierce-Hickerson Award

Honoring outstanding contributions to the advancement or preservation of Native American rights, the Pierce-Hickerson Award was created in 2003 by advocates in civil legal assistance programs to pay homage to the legacies of Julian Pierce and Robert Hickerson for their outstanding advocacy in pursuit of justice for Native Americans. Pierce was a Lumbee Indian who served as executive director of Lumbee River Legal Services in Pembroke, North Carolina, from 1978 until 1988. Hickerson served as director of Alaska Legal Services Corporation for 20 years, and prior to that was director of the Oklahoma Legal Services Center.

  • 2008 - Steven C. Moore, Native American Rights Fund (NARF)
  • 2006 - Raylene Frazier, Dakota Plains Legal Services
  • 2004 - John Sledd, Senior Attorney in the Native American Unit of the Northwest Justice Project
  • 2003 - Peterson Zah, legendary activist on issues affecting Native Americans.

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Denison Ray Award (biennial)

The "Denny" award honors persons who have provided at least five years of service to the legal services community in staff, client or volunteer capacities. Dennison Ray, who dedicated his professional life to equal justice for the poor, is the former director of the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, Legal Services of North Carolina, and other programs.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 - Jeremy Lane, for exceptional service to the equal justice community
  • 2008 - Wilhelm H. Joseph Jr., executive director of the Legal Aid Bureau of Maryland
  • 2006 - Catherine Carr, Executive Director of Community Legal Services, Inc., Philadelphia
  • 2004 - Sister Marjorie Shelvy, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • 2002 - Ira Newman, Directing Attorney of the Appalachian Research & Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc. (Appalred)
  • 2000 - Patrick McClintock, Legal Services Corporation of Iowa
  • 1998 - Sharon Bourassa, Legal Aid Services of Broward County, Florida
  • 1996 - Shirley Bergert, Connecticut Legal Services
  • 1994 - Robert C. Lyman, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
    Trini Gamez, Texas Rural Legal Assistance

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Centennial Award for Justice through Activism

NLADA's Centennial Awards recognize the principle that America was founded on the promise of justice and that achieving justice is not the responsibility of the legal profession alone; it requires work across all disciplines and sectors of society.

Past recipients include:

  • 2011 - John Lewis, U.S. Congressman

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Arthur von Briesen Award (biennial)

The Author von Briesen award honors an attorney not employed by a legal services or defender program, who has made substantial volunteer contributions in support of the delivery of legal services and/or indigent defense representation. The award celebrates the achievements of the first president of NLADA.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 Chris Messerly and Philip Sieff
  • 2008 Andrew F. Susko, White and Williams, LLP of Philadelphia
  • 2006 Phyllis Mann, Law Office of Phyllis E. Mann
  • 2004 Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., partner, Jenner & Block
  • 2002 - Private Attorney Carl Quintal of Massachusetts
  • 2000 - Former Kentucky State Representative Michael D. Bowling
  • 1998 - Kentucky State Senator Gerald A. Neal
  • 1997 - Robert C. Ewald of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, Louisville, KY
  • 1996 - Jeffrey D. Colman, Jenner & Block, Chicago, IL
  • 1995 - Barry McDonald Staples, founder and director of Community Outreach, Carrollton, GA
  • 1994 - George Wittgraf, Chair of the LSC Board from 1990-1994
  • 1993 - Howard Dana, LSC board member during the Reagan and Bush administrations
  • 1991 - A. James Elliott, Atlanta
  • 1990 - Edward J. Duggan
    Gary M. Schweickart
  • 1989 - George Cauthan
  • 1988 - Richard Blumenthal
    David Golub
    Thomas Smegal
  • 1986 - L. Jonathan Ross
  • 1985 - Parker D. Thompson
  • 1984 - Richard Cotton
  • 1983 - Frank Eaman
  • 1982 - Shelvin Singer
  • 1981 - F. William McCalpin
  • 1980 - William Reece Smith
  • 1979 - John G. Brooks
  • 1978 - Justice Sam D. Johnston
  • 1977 - Jerome Shestack
  • 1976 - Anthony Amsterdam
  • 1975 - John F. Irving
  • 1974 - William Ide, III
    Chesterfield Smith
  • 1973 - William Claus
    Robert Meserve
  • 1972 - Anthony Amsterdam
  • 1971 - John Robb
  • 1970 - H. Sol Clark
    Bernard Segal
  • 1969 - James W. Baker
    Honorable Oscar Knuston
  • 1968 - Benjamin Boyer
    Maynard Toll
  • 1967 - Murray Seasongood
    Whitney North Seymour
    Howard Westwood
  • 1966 - John Cummisky
  • 1965 - William Gossett
  • 1964 - William Avery
    Wilas Swan
  • 1963 - Francis Allen
    Cecil Burney
    Eustice Seligman
  • 1962 - Herbert Clark
    E. Smythe Gambrell
    Honorable Raymond Wilkins
  • 1961 - Charles Evans Hughes
    Orison Marden
    William Howard Taft

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Emery A. Brownell Media Award (biennial)

Affords national recognition to newspapers, films, radio, and television stations that have informed the public of the crucial role played by civil or defender organizations in ensuring equal justice for poor people. This award commemorates Emery Brownell, who began his legal career with the Legal Aid Society of Rochester, N.Y. in 1925 and served as NLADA's Executive Director from 1940 to 1961.

Past recipients include:

  • 2010 - The Daily Record
  • 2002 - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • 2000 - Chicago Tribune
  • 1998 - Times of Northwest Indiana
    The Lexington, Kentucky Herald-Leader
  • 1996 - The New Yorker
  • 1994 - City Limits in New York, NY.
  • 1992 - The New York Times

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Beacon of Justice Award

Acknowledges law firms that have provided an exemplary pro bono commitment to a designated area of representation.

The 2012 Beacon of Justice Award proudly honors Law Firms that have Innovative Public-Private Partnerships that Protect Equal Justice for All

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld; Arnold & Porter; Crowell & Moring; Dorsey & Whitney; DLA Piper and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

The 2011 Beacon of Justice Award proudly honors Law Firms that have Innovative Public-Private Partnerships that Protect Equal Justice for All through Appellate Litigation

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; Covington & Burling; Dechert LLP; Jones Day; Kean Miller; Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP; Liskow & Lewis; Morrison & Foerster; O'Melveny & Myers; Paul Hastings; Perkins Coie; Reed Smith LLP; Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP; and WilmerHale

The 2010 Beacon of Justice Award proudly honors Law Firms That Have Made a Significant Impact in the Area of Immigration.

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; Arnold & Porter; Cozen O'Connor; Crowell & Moring LLP;

Dickstein Shapiro; Dorsey & Whitney; Dykema Gossett, PLLC; Foster Quan, LLP; Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.; Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP; Goldman & Goldman, P.C.; Goodwin Procter; Holland & Knight

Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP; Hunton & Williams; Jenner & Block; King & Spalding; Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

Latham & Watkins; Law Office of Marisa DeFranco; Leonard, Street and Deinard; Morrison & Foerster LLP; Parker, Butte and Lane Law Firm

Parrilli Renison; Perkins Coie LLP; Quarles & Brady; Reed Smith; Richard Toscano; Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.

The Sparks Law Corporation; Steptoe & Johnson; Troutman Sanders; Williams, Kastner & Gibbs PLLC

2009 - Law Firms Providing Significant Pro Bono Representation Law Firms Who, In Partnership with a Legal Aid Program, Have Represented Disadvantaged Families in Foreclosure Proceedings

Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin; Joseph, Greenwald & Laake and Snell and Wilmer L.L.P.

2008 - Law Firms Providing Significant Pro Bono Representation to People on Death Row

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; Allen & Overy LLP; Baker & McKenzie LLP; Bingham McCutchen LLP; Burke McPheeters Bordner & Estes; Burns & Levinson LLP; Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP; Clifford Chance LLP; Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, PLLC; Covington & Burling; Cowan Liebowitz & Latman PC; Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP; Davis Wright Tremaine LLP; Debevoise & Plimpton LLP; Dechert LLP; Dickstein Shapiro LLP; Dorsey & Whitney LLP; Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC; Esdaile, Barrett & Esdaile; Foley Hoag LLP; Fredrikson & Byron PA; Fulbright & Jaworski; Hangley, Aronchick, Segal & Pudlin; Harris Wiltshire & Grannis; Heller Ehrman; Holland & Hart LLP; Hunton & Williams; Jenner & Block LLP; Jones Day; Keller & Heckman LLP; Kilpatrick Stockton LLP; Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP; Lesnevich and Marzano-Lesnevich; Lesser, Newman, Souweine & Nasser; Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP; McCarter & English, LLP; Morrison & Foerster LLP; Murphy & Shaffer;Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP; Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP; Pepper Hamilton LLP; Perkins Coie LLP; Reed Smith LLP; Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz LLP; Schiff Hardin LLP; Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP; Shearman & Sterling LLP; Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP; Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP; Spriggs & Hollingworth; Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan LLP; Tennant Lubell LLC; Trainor, Billman, Bennett, Milko & McCabe LLP; Venable LLP; Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP; Weinberg & Garber, PC; WilmerHale

2007 - Law Firms Providing Significant Pro Bono Representation to Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; Alston & Bird LLP; Arnold & Porter LLP; Covington & Burling LLP; Dechert LLP; Dorsey & Whitney LLP; Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP; Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.; Gibbons P.C.; Jenner & Block LLP; Jones Day; Kaye Scholer LLP; Morrison & Foerster LLP; Perkins Coie LLP; Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP; Sidley Austin LLP; Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP; Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

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